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My name is Lisa, a GTA Mom... and the Mom behind The Baby Bottom Line. I love Mommy sites, product testing and dishing about them with other Moms! I am a mother to a preemie princess born in March 2009 and a Mama’s boy born in December 2012. I am the one person that if you don't want a truthful answer...don't ask me the question. Yes, I will tell look fat in that dress, no..those shoes don't go well with that belt...or don't bother buying that baby product because you'll never use it! Trust me, sometimes you just need a truthful answer, hear that someone else has gone through the same thing or just someone to talk and connect with for support. If that's what you're looking for, I'm here to dish about it!

Sibling rivalry – how to not stretch yourself too thin

I knew that when I had more than one child, there may be some sibling rivalry. What I didn’t know was that it could be out of control to the point where they need time-outs from each other! My word T drives M insane! Like all little brothers, he wants to be just like his big sis’, however the process that it takes to do so drives M through the roof. He copies every word out of her mouth and every move she makes. It can escalate to the point...

October 1, 2015 Read Blog

P is for Potty!

Wow... did I have a rude awakening when we potty trained T. Yes, I can’t believe it, we are officially DIAPER FREE PEOPLE!! He took longer to train, but really we never forced the issue at all. No crash courses or pressure. He was in pull-ups for about five months (and doing #2 on the potty) but we had to wait for him to get the whole “I need to pee” business. Let me tell you though, once he “got it” that was it, full force no diapers...

September 24, 2015 Read Blog

Our top 10 MUST DO Christmas traditions!

I never actually realized how many Christmas traditions we have made over the last few years. Here is our top 10 MUST DO Christmas traditions! Here is what we do... 1) We HAVE to buy a family ornament to add to the tree every year. Yes it's personalized, yes it's cheesy and yes it's totally us! 2) We HAVE to make finger or hand print ornaments for us and usually their Godparents. 3) Advent calendars. Yes, there are chocolate ones that...

November 26, 2014 Read Blog

The Tooth Fairy is a Cash Grab

Well, it's official. M lost her first and second teeth at the beginning of September, actually a week between each of them. It's funny to re-live all the feelings of excitement through your children, I love every second of it! It all started when M's tooth became loose and she decided to "advise" me that the Tooth Fairy brings money if you put your tooth under your pillow. She also corrected me when I said, "Yes, she leaves a coin" to tell me...

October 1, 2014 Read Blog

Review: ImmunizeCA App

I’ve been really good at remembering when to take the kids for their immunizations, but with such a busy schedule I’m finding it more challenging to stay on track. Guess what, there’s an app for that! ImmunizeCA is a free app that you can download to keep track of all their vaccinations. It was developed by the CPHA (Canadian Public Health Association), Immunize Canada, and OHRI (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute) and funded by the Public...

May 6, 2014 Read Blog

No time to make healthy meals? Check out SupperWorks!

I had the chance to go to SupperWorks to try out their service/products and I was pleasantly surprised to be honest. I’m not exactly sure if I knew what I was expecting, but it was different than what I thought it was going to be. I pre-booked the three main courses I wanted to try: the Porcupine Meatballs, Panko Chicken Tenders and Pork Loin Roast with Red Currant-Sherry Sauce. (Sides and desserts are also available, so you can get entire...

April 9, 2014 Read Blog

Raising a genius

I’ve always have received compliments on how well behaved my kids are, but now, apparently, M is topping the charts on the smart scale too. We had our first parent-teacher interview this past week and my tiny little JK is doing work at an SK level and is reading at a grade one level. I don’t care what anyone says, this deserves a pat on the back! Yes, I mean my own! We constantly read and do activities with her, allowing her to open her mind...

February 24, 2014 Read Blog

A new Mom’s MUST haves!

Going back to work at the end of last month was crazy! Can’t believe where the time went! When I went back, it seemed like every other women I knew was pregnant! It got me to thinking… what were my MUST have main products? So, here you go! · Convertible Crib and Dresser – get the lower wider one and use it as a change table too. · Change pillow - Don’t forget a few covers, I survived two kids with only having two. · Bedding...

February 10, 2014 Read Blog

Daycare…the other mortgage

When I went back to work after having M I had her at a home daycare (who happened to be a friend of mine), then switched her to a preschool as she started to comprehend more. I wanted to make sure she was being taken care of but also being taught at the same time. New parents have a rude awakening once they realize the costs associated with child care and almost all of them contemplate the worth of even going back to their old jobs. It’s...

January 13, 2014 Read Blog

Where did an entire year go?

I can’t believe T turned one over the holidays! Where did the year go? It’s utterly depressing. It honestly felt like I blinked and it was gone. We had his doctor check up and he’s 20 pounds and 29 inches tall, far different than the tiny little girl I took to her appointment at her first birthday! M was 17 pounds and 26(ish) inches tall, so petite! Of course I threw him a killer first bday party… Mickey and Baseball themed! Served...

January 6, 2014 Read Blog

Salt Dough Ornaments

Well, we’ve figured it out - the best salt dough recipe for making handmade ornaments for the holidays. T and I went over to a friend’s place to do an ornament with his handprint and we’ve decided that we’re going to replicate the fun but change up the recipe a bit. This way we can make some fun ones to give out as gifts. M has already painted some wooden ones but I want to see if we can make some cute ones as well. What you'll...

December 18, 2013 Read Blog

Talking Iron and not just pumping it!

Everyone knows I made T’s baby food for him. I liked doing it for him, I knew it was healthy and I knew what was in it. But, did you know that even with the best intentions most Moms miss the mark when it comes to providing their little ones with the proper amount of iron? Honestly, I had no clue until reading about Nestlé Gerber cereals and learning more about baby nutrition overall. From six to 24 months babies lose their stored iron...

December 11, 2013 Read Blog

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