Salt Dough Ornaments

Well, we’ve figured it out – the best salt dough recipe for making handmade ornaments for the holidays. T and I went over to a friend’s place to do an ornament with his handprint and we’ve decided that we’re going to replicate the fun but change up the recipe a bit. This way we can make some fun ones to give out as gifts. M has already painted some wooden ones but I want to see if we can make some cute ones as well.

What you’ll need:
1 cup of Salt
1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of water

Mix the salt and flour then add the water in slowly. If it’s tacky add some more flour. You should be able to knead and roll it out. Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes, then you have two options (with this recipe) to cook them. We baked them at 150 for 45 minutes, then let it sit out for a few days to harden. Make sure you remember to add a hole at the top (a straw worked great) so you can add a ribbon later on.

The next time I’m going to try this method: stick them in the microwave first for three minutes then 20 second intervals until they feel dry, and set out to cool. Once they’ve cooled off, you can sit down to paint and “bling” them up!

Get creative and make it fun! The next batch we tackle will be ones with name stamped in the so we can use them as place card holders for Christmas dinner! Thank you Pinterest!

  • Shannon

    What is the best kind if paint to use?

    • Lisa Bbl

      It depends if you are letting the little ones paint them or if you are just doing some touch-ups. I did a base coat of an acrylic to seal it, then let them paint with kids safe paint…anyone will do really but don’t use finger paint type, it doesn’t dry well. Then you let that dry and if you need to do any line work use a sharpie. Finish by putting a coat of mod podge if you want a little shine to it! :)

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