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My name is Lisa, a GTA Mom... and the Mom behind The Baby Bottom Line. I love Mommy sites, product testing and dishing about them with other Moms! I am a mother to a preemie princess born in March 2009 and a Mama’s boy born in December 2012. I am the one person that if you don't want a truthful answer...don't ask me the question. Yes, I will tell look fat in that dress, no..those shoes don't go well with that belt...or don't bother buying that baby product because you'll never use it! Trust me, sometimes you just need a truthful answer, hear that someone else has gone through the same thing or just someone to talk and connect with for support. If that's what you're looking for, I'm here to dish about it!

Mom … what is this Christmas you speak of?

So every year during the Santa Claus parade I set up our Christmas tree and the few decorations we have around our house. Well this year was different. I couldn’t just stick “M” in her bouncer and have her watch me … she wanted to help! So it took probably 5 times longer than it usually does and I think she may only have put 2 decorations on (she kept dropping them and they’d roll under the couch lol) but it was fun none the less. ...

November 22, 2010 Read Blog

Ready or not … here comes the potty

So we decided that it was “about that time” with “M.” Yep starting potty training OH JOY! So we have one of those Winnie the Pooh ones that change from a floor potty, to on the toilet seat and step stool. It makes a flushing sound and it’s super cute! (Bonus the babysitter has the same one). We “introduced” her to it on Halloween and 6 days later she says to me, “Mama...pee pee,” of course I have to believe her (patience is...

November 16, 2010 Read Blog

3 kick butt products I got to review!

Oh Baby! Sent me a few things to review... it was like opening presents at Christmas! I had memories of me ripping open wrapping paper in my PJ’s with my hot chocolate...LOL. Here’s what I got to try out: - SuperBaby: 12 Ways to Give Your Child a Head Start in the First 3 Years. Great read to find the “Ah-Ha” moments that come hand in hand with raising children. The full post can be found here - Baby Hawk Carrier... which...

November 15, 2010 Read Blog

Such Sweet Slumber

Last night my daughter slept through the night! This isn’t the first time of course, but it does seem like ages since the last time she did. It was seven this morning when she climbed into my bed, gave me a hug and said, “Mommy, I sleeped in my bed all night by me self”. I told her I was so proud of her and knew that she could do it. Gave her a hug and a kiss and silently begged for just five more minutes from the Sleep Gods. Awesome...

November 15, 2010 Read Blog

Blogging after Baby Time

Oh Baby! Magazine was an exhibitor at the Baby Time Show here in Toronto this past weekend. We had so much fun. We spoke to a lot of people. We gave away some great prizes from Graco & Fisher Price and we saw a LOT of baby bumps. I saw so many pregnant women and so many teeny tiny babies there that if I wasn’t absolutely sure that I didn’t want to have more children, it would have turned into a baby-making weekend for me. My kids...

November 13, 2010 Read Blog

The Tiny Human

So... finally “M” just “let go!” and started walking by herself! At an adjusted age of 17 months... little bit of a late bloomer...but really...she’s still tiny so she had to build up her strength first. The funny thing is... she’s actually really I guess the longer the wait the better they walk right off the bat. She even falls properly.....but out... arms forward to stop her face. I’m actually really impressed.......

November 2, 2010 Read Blog

Accudial Review

I've been given the opportunity by Oh Baby! to review some AccuDial products. Ever try to figure out how much medication you should be giving your little one? I know I'm still confused when reading some of the bottles because some are dosed by weight and some by age. I find myself always giving "M" less than the recommended "age" dose because she's sooo small. But really.. I'm just eyeballing it.... I know a lot of people do this too! So don't...

November 1, 2010 Read Blog

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