Ready or not … here comes the potty

So we decided that it was “about that time” with “M.” Yep starting potty training OH JOY! So we have one of those Winnie the Pooh ones that change from a floor potty, to on the toilet seat and step stool. It makes a flushing sound and it’s super cute! (Bonus the babysitter has the same one).

We “introduced” her to it on Halloween and 6 days later she says to me, “Mama…pee pee,” of course I have to believe her (patience is the hardest thing to maintain during potty training…besides your sanity!) so we took off her diaper and sat her down. Did she not pee on the potty? OMG! SHE DID IT! We couldn’t believe it!!! We did the whole “praise” thing. Literally there were high-fives flying for at least ½ an hour, a piece of chocolate was involved as well as some stickers.

Hopefully we can keep going and it shouldn’t be an issue. I’m just a little scared that it may be a bit early but really all the signs are there. She tells us when she’s got a wet diaper or has to go, she starts to take off her pants and diaper, heads straight for the potty and sits down. Plus she’s starting to hold her pee longer because I’ll ask her if she has a wet diaper and she’ll say, “No” and she doesn’t. I think it may just be me thinking that because she’s soooo small that she may not be ready. I’ll eventually get over it I think.

Man, they grow up so fast! She started walking like 2 weeks ago and now we’re potty training? Where has the time gone?

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