Mummy Madness

I got married and had two children all in 3 years. My son, also my first child, was born with a health condition that required surgery and we spent our first 6 weeks of parenthood in a NICU at a children’s hospital. It was the most difficult time of my life. Even after he came home I struggled with anxiety, depression, fear and anger. I turned to writing and my words slowly allowed me to crawl out of the hole I had dug myself into. I was forever changed. I began to realize that I had the ability to help others who were struggling with their journey in parenthood. As parents, we all have moments where we aren't sure what we are doing. I continue to write and share my experiences in hopes that I can help part the clouds for someone who is struggling.

Advise, Opinions and Stories! Oh My!

So you’re pregnant. You have patiently waited for three long months, 12 whole weeks, to make the announcement to the world. The day finally arrives for you to share your most exciting news! What comes next? Advice, opinions and more advice! Everyone has an opinion. It gets both frustrating and overwhelming to hear everyone and their sister give you their own personal feelings on everything baby. Should you breastfeed or bottle feed?...

January 30, 2015 Read Blog

Sleep Baby Sleep!

If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know that when it comes to sleeping our girls are pretty awesome. I know some of you are cursing me right now as you read this with bloodshot eyes drinking your third cup of coffee for the day, but I honestly believe that the NICU trained them to be good sleepers. Not always, but for the most part. We also did sleep training with them from an early age. We never rocked them back to sleep (mainly...

January 27, 2015 Read Blog

Dealing with Mean Moms

The mean mom. And no, I don’t mean your mom or your mother in law. I mean those moms in your neighbourhood, at your coffee shop or in your parenting group or even a friend you have who had a baby around the same time as you but who is so negative. Maybe she mocks women who babywear/use a stroller/breast feed/bottle feed. Maybe she comments on the state of dishevelment of another mom who’s harried and tired and just needed to go for a walk....

January 26, 2015 Read Blog

Stay Active This Winter Indoors and Out

Baby it’s cold outside! On days like today when the temperature is dipping below -20 with the wind chill it is smart to stay inside and keep warm, but just because it is winter, is no reason to hibernate completely! When you live where it is cold at least four months of the year, you have to embrace winter and get creative to stay active, both indoors and out. Busy kids and an active family is a great thing! Having a list handy of nearby...

January 20, 2015 Read Blog

Turn The Status Quo into Status “Go”

In the corporate world we all know how frustrating it can be to hear an employee mutter the words “But that’s how we’ve always done it.” With any luck, however, it can be the motivator that causes at least one person in the boardroom to take the initiative to see if they can change how it’s always been done, for the better. While it’s not always possible, great innovations can grow from creative thinking and small alterations. So...

January 19, 2015 Read Blog

2015 – The Year of Public Breastfeeding?

Wouldn’t it be great if 2015 could be the year that all women could feel free to feed their children anywhere and everywhere without fear of being chastised, judged, or shamed? I’m hoping this is the year that we stop turning breastfeeding into such a controversial subject and we just leave it as simply feeding an infant. The Pope (yes the Pope!!) has publicly welcomed mothers to breastfeed in the Sistine Chapel. You can find the story...

January 15, 2015 Read Blog

Toughest Decision Ever

I entered into the world of blogging by accident really. It all started when I was put on bed rest as I entered the third trimester of my twin pregnancy. As a journalist I needed an outlet and writing was it. That was two years ago! Since then I've shared my story of struggling to conceive, then of giving birth to two beautiful preemies as well as the exhausting, fun and crazy moments after that. It's been quite a journey and jotting it all...

January 13, 2015 Read Blog

Practical Tips For Switching From Baby Food to Solids

Having your baby transition from baby food to solids can either prove to be a breeze or a challenge. Many first-time parents ask which age is appropriate to introduce their child to solid food from puréed ones. A pediatrician can help decide when and what to feed your baby. And while there isn’t a set period for the transition, there are practical ways to prepare your bundle of joy for real food. Give thicker purées as an intro to solid...

January 8, 2015 Read Blog

Teaching Gratitude

The holidays have come and gone and once again we were extremely blessed. We celebrated with family, were able to enjoy a delicious Christmas meal and received many lovely and thoughtful gifts. I gave many thanks over this holiday season. I am perfectly aware that there are so many people in this world that don’t have what I have. Many people that aren’t surrounded by people who love them. People who did not overindulge in a feast of...

January 5, 2015 Read Blog

My Life Hacks

Between building with play doh, reading stories, making meals, snacks and tidying up at least three times a day I'll admit, free time is something I don't have a lot of. But when I do have a moment to myself my new guilty pleasure starts with a 'P' and ends with 'interest' , as is the case for many women I know. Not only has it made me realize my love of all things 'do it yourself' but it's also helped me to save some money (something very...

January 2, 2015 Read Blog

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