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Holiday Safety

The holidays are here and most of us will decorate our homes, attend parties or even attempt to host them! Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind at home and when you are visiting friends and family. If...

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Health And Wellness Tips For Expecting...

Every expecting mother hopes and prays that after nine months they will be delivering a healthy and strong baby. It’s vital to eat well, practice appropriate exercises, tend to one’s mental health, and practice...

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  This condition is caused by a viral infection. It can be alarming and often occurs at night, but usually passes quickly. Your child will have difficulty breathing, and a short, distinctive barking cough when...

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Autism: A Strange Mysterious Thief

When my twins were born in August 1996 autism was distant thunder on the horizon. I’d heard about it vaguely, but it seemed so mysterious and rare I couldn’t imagine it would ever affect me. Since then, diagnoses of...

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When Parents Get Bullied

There are some topics online that are better left avoided. After all, you know that no matter which position you take, someone is going to push back. The “mommy wars”, which are really directed at all parents, are...

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Learn at play, every day

Family Literacy Day comes once a year, on January 27, but there are lots of ways to get kids involved in learning every day. One of the best tools in a parent’s toolbox is play! Why not try one of these activities and...

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DIY Ornaments for Kids of All Ages

We love this time of year – everything feels so festive and jolly! Last week we wanted to make some ornaments that we would always remember from Christmas 2013. We gathered some elves, Andreas and Alexandra, and put...

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Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions tend to make the kinds of memories we cherish forever. Looking for some traditions to start with your family? Here are some from our readers and friends that you can borrow and adapt: “We...

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Traditional Pumpkin Carving Techniques

Here they are, the very essentials of pumpkin carving! By following these steps that you probably had down pay when you were a kid, you can get carving with any traditional pumpkin carving pattern. You’ll need a...

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Tips for Teaching your Babies to Swim

Teaching your baby to swim early is the best safeguard against drowning. “No child, and I mean no child, has to ever drown in a swimming pool again if they are taught how to survive in the water the right way and at...

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Ask A Sleep Expert: Nightmares

Q: “Last night, my son who is 3.5 years old woke screaming for me at 2am. It was a very sudden and scared scream. When I went into him he just kept saying he wanted to get out of his room. He ended up sleeping with us...

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Ask a Sleep Expert: 6 Month Sleep...

Q: “My 6 month old normally sleeps 6:00pm - 7:00am but has been waking around 5:00am some mornings as I think she's going through some major milestones. I just leave her to fall back asleep but sometimes she cries for...

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