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Family Literacy Day comes once a year, on January 27, but there are lots of ways to get kids involved in learning every day. One of the best tools in a parent’s toolbox is play! Why not try one of these activities and see how much fun learning can be.


  1. Play With Your Food: Get toothpicks and small pieces of apple, cheese, grapes, or whatever snack you want (marshmallows, yum). Now build a house, tower or circle by attaching your snacks with toothpicks. Best part is you can eat it (not the toothpicks, of course)!
  2. Favourite Food Find: Create a grocery store scavenger hunt with your weekly shopping list. Maybe add a few special items you don’t get all the time for a special treat (and an extra challenge for scavengers).
  3. Draw Me A Home: Get large sheets of paper and draw the rooms of your dream home. Add in the rooms you always wanted (trampoline in your bedroom and pool in the basement!) Get some of your favourite toys and play with them in the house.
  4. Letter Model It: With modeling clay, make the letters of your name using all the colours of the rainbow.
  5. The Punch Line Is: Swap your favourite jokes with your friends. See if your parents know them! (What’s a ninja’s favorite drink? WATAAAAA!!!!)


Visit FamilyLiteracyDay.ca for more activity ideas, free downloadable resources and to check for local Family Literacy Day events. Family Literacy Day was created by ABC Life Literacy Canada in 1999 and is celebrated nationally on January 27 to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family.


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