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Choosing a Name

It's the first thing that you give your baby and the one thing that will be with them forever. Choose wisely – if you choose something unique or out of the ordinary, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do and so will they. This is true not only for the name itself, but also for spelling and pronunciation. There are books and websites that have devoted themselves to helping you choose the perfect name for baby. You can browse by...

March 31, 2011 Read Blog

Ultra Lounge Slipper

Our shearling-lined suede ULTRA LOUNGE may look like a normal cosy slipper, but it’s got a reflexologist built-in. The multi-density midsole triggers a FOOTFLOAT™ effect, to instantly relieve underfoot pressure and high-heel hot spots. Slide a pair on when you wake up – or kick off your heels and wear them to wind down. (Your whole body might feel better!) FitFlop.com

March 31, 2011 Read Blog

A doll that mimics breastfeeding

So what? A company in Spain went out and manufactured a doll that when held up to a special top worn by the child it will mimic a baby sucking. Why is this a problem? Women have breasts to breastfeed babies. Luckily we live in a society that supposedly allows you to choose whether or not you use your breasts to feed your baby. And you shouldn’t be chastised for whatever decision you make. Sadly we still need to work on this – for both...

March 31, 2011 Read Blog

How I Survived the First Year of Motherhood…

Let me begin by saying I’m one of those people who plans everything. I always make lists, then make list that refer back to those lists and so on… I have a place for everything and everything in its place. I planned, prepped and nested for nine months, but nothing can truly prepare you for the first year of motherhood. It’s hard, I’m not going to lie or sugarcoat it for you. And I must say whoever thought up the saying “Sleeping...

March 30, 2011 Read Blog

Musings of an almost six year old

My husband was driving my almost six year old son to a party and this is but one of the many conversations they had: Son: Daddy, will I have a girlfriend when I’m older? Daddy: Of course! You’re going to have lots of girlfriends! Son: Do I have to marry my girlfriend? Daddy: No of course not! You can have loads of girlfriends. When you find the right one - after a long time - you can get married. Son: Daddy, do you have a...

March 29, 2011 Read Blog

Moms are Amazing

Moms are amazing.  We are a universal club in unconditional love that spans centuries.  There is one thing I find strange with some moms and I have experienced this myself with my own group of friends.    There is this thing I guess you could call it a stigma that some moms have to deal with.  It’s as though if you did not give birth naturally you are not the same kind of mom as those who have.  I wish it wasn’t  this way but there...

March 24, 2011 Read Blog

I’ll bribe her … I have no shame

Wow... M  and this whole potty thing is actually working!! AMEN! Underwear during the day (1 accident a day if that) and pull-ups while we’re out  just in case we can’t get to a bathroom in time. I’ve also been putting her in a pull-up during nap times too and the majority of the time she wakes up with it dry or barely wet. Night time obviously that’s a whole different hurtle we’ll come to later on. We stick her in a diaper at night....

March 24, 2011 Read Blog

Wordless Wednesday: England Edition Part 2

The Icecreamists - Covent Garden, London, England Ice cream made from breast milk... The question is ... would you try it? For Wordless Wednesday: England Edition Part 1 click here.

March 23, 2011 Read Blog

Baby Kit to go

This kit contains three ultra gentle and non-irritating products designed for baby’s delicate skin. Enriched with plant-derived ingredients, they are free of parabens, sulphates, colorants or petroleum derivatives. It comes in a handy travel size which makes it the ideal gift for moms-to-be. It’s also a great way to test out our products before purchasing a larger size! This ritual contains : • Moisturizing Cream 60 ml • Body and...

March 17, 2011 Read Blog

Co-Sleeping – Why I hate it

I am a co sleeper. I never thought I would be. But here I am. I spent the first couple of years of my son’s life making sure that he slept in his room alone. I was diligent about it. I also tried – unsuccessfully - to sleep train my daughter. I wanted to make sure that we would NOT have a family bed. Why didn’t I want a family bed? Purely selfish reasons. Mainly because I love to sleep. I really LOVE to sleep. In my life I have spent...

March 14, 2011 Read Blog

Good reasons to exercise during your pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth is probably the most exciting, exhausting and overwhelming experience a woman can go through, hands down. During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through so many physical and physiological changes that it’s no wonder some women like to take the opportunity to put their feet up and enjoy this time in their lives. For some, the changes are so drastic, that they are forced to slow down with associated nausea and...

March 10, 2011 Read Blog

Umbilical cord blood banking

Umbilical Cord Blood (UCB) banking is becoming very common and involves the collecting and storing of the blood found in the umbilical cord. After your baby is born, the placenta and umbilical cord are normally discarded. The blood from your baby’s umbilical cord is a rich source of special cells called stem cells. Stem cells are immature, ‘unspecialized’ cells. They are valuable because they can quickly divide and renew, and have the...

March 9, 2011 Read Blog

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