Musings of an almost six year old

My husband was driving my almost six year old son to a party and this is but one of the many conversations they had:

Son: Daddy, will I have a girlfriend when I’m older?

Daddy: Of course! You’re going to have lots of girlfriends!

Son: Do I have to marry my girlfriend?

Daddy: No of course not! You can have loads of girlfriends. When you find the right one – after a long time – you can get married.

Son: Daddy, do you have a girlfriend?

Daddy: No. If I had a girlfriend mommy would be very upset and then I’d have to live in a different house.

Son: But that’s ok, cuz then we would have two houses and I could stay up late and eat chocolate in two houses!

Daddy: But then we wouldn’t be living in the same house and you wouldn’t see me all the time. Is that what you want?

Boy: No.

But I’ll bet he was still thinking about all the chocolate he could eat. Priorities.

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