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Robert Nickell, aka Daddy Nickell, father of 6, offers his "5 cents" worth of advice to expectant and new parents. Daddy Nickell is the founder of, delivery room duds and daddy gear for dads, and the blog where he covers topics about parenting and the latest baby and kids gear, all from a Dad's perspective.

Supporting Moms with Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is real and it can happen to any post-delivery mother. Clinically, postpartum depression is a severe depression that occurs in women post-delivery. Treatment, symptoms and reaction time can vary from woman to woman. It can show up anytime within a year after delivery; however, most commonly it appears within the first three months. Just as it sounds, postpartum depression leaves a new mother feeling depressed with...

March 30, 2012 Read Blog

My daughter was two…

I took her to the mall and she was cranky. Cranky for a reason that only she could understand and sadly she wasn’t able to communicate her feelings to me in the way that I wanted her to. While walking from one store to another, she decided to have a tantrum. I tried to quietly talk to her and pick her up, but she wasn’t having it. So I sat down on a bench that was right beside where she decided to have her meltdown (luckily for me). I sat...

March 29, 2012 Read Blog

CelebrityBabyScoop Takes a Look at 10 Celebrity Moms Pregnant Over 40

Forty is the new thirty! Whether they're conceiving the old-fashioned way or getting help from a fertility specialist, more and more celebrities are finding their 40's to be fertile. From Uma Thurman, to Tina Fey, to Céline Dion, to Mariah Carey, take a look at 10 celebrity moms pregnant over 40 from CelebrityBabyScoop. Uma Thurman: The latest Hollywood star to announce a later-in-life pregnancy is actress Uma Thurman. On Monday, the...

March 29, 2012 Read Blog

Are We Raising Unhealthy Kids? How Parents Can Turn this Trend Around

We hear it on the news and read about it in the newspaper, the obesity rate in kids is growing, leaving them at risk for serious health problems now and as adults.  As parents, it raises a lot of concerns. How can we turn this alarming trend around? How do we raise healthy kids? It’s proven that parents who are committed to their own healthy, active lifestyle raise healthy, active kids. Our own family participates in multiple sports –...

March 27, 2012 Read Blog

Long car rides? My kids’ favorite listening CD’s.

We are lucky: our kid’s love listening to music and stories when we have long drives and short ones for that matter. In fact, they even love listening to CD stories while sitting on the couch.  I can’t follow a sentence without loosing track of the story but despite the fact that in many cases their attention span is well, not great… with these stories it’s better not to interrupt them. We have a number of vacations approaching...

March 27, 2012 Read Blog

Breastfeeding: Mastitis and sore nipples

I breastfed my kids.  I didn’t know if I would like it or if it would work but I had decided to give it a try.  I was shocked, if not very surprised, when my firstborn naturally knew where to look for food only minutes after his birth – his pure instinct was incredible. What I didn’t know is that it’s not just as easy as 1-2-3. Magical yes, easy – not always. My firstborn was a huge eater. In fact, he ate, what felt like, all the...

March 22, 2012 Read Blog

Friday letters

My son’s school has this fantastic writing activity called Friday Letters. Every Friday he writes his father and I a letter and we respond by writing him a letter on the following page of his notebook. Ahem, ahem… I respond by writing him a letter on the following page. This was my son’s letter to us after we returned from our Smuggler’s Notch vacation:   Translation Dear Cool Mom and Dad, I hope you had a...

March 22, 2012 Read Blog

Start healthy eating at a young age

For busy parents, finding easy meals that are also healthy and nutritious can be a challenge. However, as your baby grows into a toddler, it is important that you provide them with proper nutrition through a balanced diet. Take a look at these tips geared at instilling healthy eating habits as you begin introducing solid foods into your toddler’s diet: Dietary iron should be a priority. Iron is required to make red blood cells which carry...

March 22, 2012 Read Blog

Daddy Nickell’s Tips to Make Healthy Choices As a New Mom

So you have a new baby, congratulations! You're probably running on sleepless nights and "fast" food. Take a tip from Daddy Nickell who has walked in your shoes six times. It's not always easy, but making healthy choices can be extremely beneficial to both you and your baby. Daddy Nickell provides some fun and easy ways to sneak a little wellness into your day: Walk it Out: Taking your little one on a walk, daily, is an excellent place to...

March 21, 2012 Read Blog

Hyland’s 4 Kids

For over 100 years, Hyland’s has partnered with parents like you to safely restore the health and well-being of children. Our history book is overflowing with happy endings. Safe, Gentle and Effective medicines designed for children 2+. Hyland’s is 100% committed to helping your kids get back to being their healthy selves again.

March 21, 2012 Read Blog

CelebrityBabyScoop Takes a Look at Tinseltown Tots and Their Birthday Bashes

Everyone loves a fun children's birthday party! But in Hollywood, the kids get more than just hot dogs and homemade cupcakes! From
$100,000 extravagant affairs when Suri Cruise turned two, to themed and catered events like Stella McDermott's third birthday, to Cruz Beckham's costume party in Beverly Hills, Celebrity Baby Scoop invites you into the birthday bashes of Tinseltown's tots.     Suri...

March 20, 2012 Read Blog

Tips for Baby’s First Outing

Well the big day has come.  It’s time to take the baby out of the protected household for the first time and into the world. This seems especially scary when you’re a first time parent.  So far the few trips to the doctor have not been that bad, but now you’re getting ready to go to grandma’s house two hours away; or perhaps on an airplane, or even just the first venture to the park.  What if you forget something? What if the baby’s...

March 16, 2012 Read Blog

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