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Baby&Me™ Nursing/Maternity Bras – Trusted for fit and comfort

The new baby&me™ collection consists of underwire-free nursing bras made of soft breathable fabric that helps make the nursing experience comfortable and worry-free. Available in Comfort, Lace, and Sleep styles with sizes ranging from B cups to DD cups. Now, choosing the right styles for the nursing mother has never been easier. Breastfeeding is an emotional and nutritional experience for both the mother and baby. baby&me™...

February 28, 2011 Read Blog

Benefits of investing in an RESP

Many parents are unaware of the money they can access and the opportunities they have to save for their child’s post secondary education. And, with the current market volatility, many are skeptical about relying on public market investing. However, economic downturns underscore the importance of higher education, the importance of saving, and saving wisely, for higher education. Group Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) are a great...

February 28, 2011 Read Blog

Top Ten Tips for Creating a Birth Plan

1. Remember, your baby is going to come when the baby wants to come. Your baby is in charge. Your baby does not read the due date on the prenatal chart or your sonogram report. Your due date is used to manage the pregnancy to schedule prenatal appointments, schedule tests, sonograms and an induction if necessary. 2. Know exactly who will deliver you. Does your midwife or physician belong to a group? If that person is not on call the day you...

February 28, 2011 Read Blog

Packing for the Hospital

If you’re planning a hospital birth make sure that you are prepared for your stay - even if you’re just going to be there for one day. By the end of your pregnancy you’ll be anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new baby. You should do your best to plan ahead and have a bag ready so you don’t find yourself scrambling for supplies if and when your water breaks! Here are our suggestions on what you should pack: FOR YOU Slippers...

February 25, 2011 Read Blog

Myths about Feeding your Baby

Myth: Starting your baby on solids is as easy as mixing up cereal and water. Truth: For some this might be their experience, but most often I see the opposite.  What to start with, when, how much and what do I do if there’s a reaction are all great questions that you’d probably like the answer to before you jump into starting solids with your baby. If your baby is breast-fed, start with a cereal that doesn’t contain formula,...

February 25, 2011 Read Blog

When parents get sick

I have to say that this school year we have not been hit by a lot of the viruses that have been going around.  I believe it's because we have started using Essential Oils as part of our health routine.  This week I got hit with a doozy of a cold.  Even though I use essential oils, it's not a miracle medicine that will make me immune to everything (I wish!).  I've been suffering with sinus pain, congestion, coughing, sneezing…ya, you get...

February 24, 2011 Read Blog

Signing after Speech

First foods, first steps and first words are important milestones in any baby’s life.  For parents who are signing with their babies, the first sign is also a monumental moment. I remember Joshua and Sabrina’s first signs very clearly. Joshua signed ‘fish’ at 9 months of age while Sabrina’s first sign was a mischievous ‘no’ at 11 months of age. At the same time, new moms often ask “My baby is 11 months old, is it too late...

February 22, 2011 Read Blog

Oh how the tables have turned

Ever since “M” could speak, she talked a mile a minute with great vocabulary. However, a whiny voice would break through with a  “MAMAAAAA.” Though I love her with all my heart and would do anything for her the 787th time in a row  was a little much for me on most days. My husband use to laugh at me because she always wanted me to do everything, get everything, be everything! Guess what, and I say this with an evil Grinch-like grin,...

February 22, 2011 Read Blog

Safety Tips for Sledding and Tobogganing

Ensure that the hill is free of hazards - trees, rocks, bumps, fences and bare spots. Do not sled on ice-covered areas. Ensure that the hill is situated away from roads, rivers or railroads and that there is plenty of room to stop at the bottom of the hill. Look for a hill which is not too steep (less than 30 degrees is recommended for children) and has a long, clear runoff area. Inspect the toboggan to ensure it is in good...

February 17, 2011 Read Blog

So Here We Are

So here we are, almost 1/4 of the way into 2011, my supposed "year of change", and I'm not doing very well.  I started off great!  Like most at the beginning of this year, I was motivated, got a gym membership, was making meals at home and actually beginning to enjoy cooking again.  Then, about 2 weeks ago, my husband had to work late, and I used that as an excuse to go back to my old habits. I have to face facts.  I am 35 years old, and...

February 15, 2011 Read Blog


Ranging from disposables to organic cloth options, there is a GroVia diaper for every family! Fragrance, dye and chlorine-free Bio Diapers are made with sustainable resources and compostable materials. GroVia's hybrid system is the best of both worlds; simply place a cotton or disposable insert into your reusable waterproof shell. www.grovia.ca

February 10, 2011 Read Blog

Tips for Travelling with Baby

A full tummy, a clean diaper, a comfortable place to sleep, and a whole lotta love is all that a baby needs. While most pediatricians recommend waiting until baby is settled - from around three months - babies generally make pretty good travellers. So enjoy this period: once baby is mobile and on solid food, the list of tips and tricks gets a lot longer! If you are travelling internationally, be sure to have all the necessary legal...

February 7, 2011 Read Blog

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