Oh how the tables have turned

Ever since “M” could speak, she talked a mile a minute with great vocabulary. However, a whiny voice would break through with a  “MAMAAAAA.” Though I love her with all my heart and would do anything for her the 787th time in a row  was a little much for me on most days.

My husband use to laugh at me because she always wanted me to do everything, get everything, be everything! Guess what, and I say this with an evil Grinch-like grin, it’s his turn now.

Oh how I love to hear,”DAAAADAAA” followed by a “DAAADDDDYYY” then a “DAD!” with a curled brow from the tiny thing that looks creepily like Cindy Lou Who.

Man I’m going to enjoy this stage right in time for potty training! Tee-hee! Thanks “M”!

  • Angela

    LOL! Isn’t it great how they turn into Daddy’s Girls so quickly! Bella is all about Daddy. I often hear the phrase “I need my Daddy!” and makes it a little less hectic for me :)

  • http://ourshelteringtree.blogspot.com/ Pamela

    So, so adorable. Had to laugh.

  • http://cjrthemommyblog.blogspot.com Cinella

    Ah yup! I love the days where Eli just wants to give mommy a break and have daddy be her night n shinning armor! lol Enjoy!
    CJR @ The Mommy Blog

  • http://www.naturallybeautifulphotography.com JenGPhotog

    Oh I so know what you mean! Try having a five year old start every sentence with “mommy…..” GAH!

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