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Cake Lingerie – Choc Vanilla Torte

Camisole: Made from luxurious modal, this nursing camisole is essential for every pregnant and breastfeeding woman. With gathers in the front and sides, this ultra feminine, astonishingly beautiful garment is soft and stretchy with room for a growing tummy. Moderately built in shelf support, ensures for a secure but yet non‐restrictive feel at all times. Pant: Perfect for nightwear and loungewear, these pants are made from high quality...

December 29, 2011 Read Blog

Twits the Season

Let’s face it, if you’re a Mom with a newborn you may as well give in and embrace the world of Twitter, and chat online at 2am instead of watching those infomercials. If you haven’t entered the world of Twitter yet, make this year the year to get online and in the know. Worried about what to expect? I’ve prepared a handy round up of all the Tweets you’ve been missing this past year, as they relate to kids, house, home, and husband, so...

December 28, 2011 Read Blog

Q & A: The Ferber method?

My six month old is up eight times a night and only sleeps 45 minutes at the most for naps.  He needs to be rocked and patted for at least 20 minutes to fall asleep.  Every time he wakes up, I have to repeat this.  I’m assuming the Ferber method is the best method I should try in order to get some sleep back! Rhonda Rhonda, Yes. The Ferber method is definitely a great place to begin. Actually, six months is a perfect time to begin....

December 27, 2011 Read Blog

Ties that Last a Lifetime

Take a few tips from Mr. Daddy, an expert on all things “dad, father, and daddy”. This veteran father has been through it all, with six kids ranging in age from 6 months to 25; he has learned the ins and outs of bonding with children at each stage in their development including infancy, toddlers, tweens, teens and even adulthood!   Mr. Daddy has remained a hands-on father while juggling a busy career and is excited to share his “tips and...

December 26, 2011 Read Blog

Dressed to Deliver

Finally, a birthing gown where fashion meets function! This soft jersey knit dress has front and back snaps, a reinforced bust and a flexible empire waistband. The design allows for easy access for baby monitors, epidurals and nursing while keeping you supported and dignified. dressedtodeliver.com

December 23, 2011 Read Blog

CelebrityBabyScoop Finds Out How Stars Are Celebrating the Holidays

To celebrate the festive season, CelebrityBabyScoop is taking a look at how some of our favorite celebrity families spend their holidays. From Tori Spelling's love of decorating, baking and eating, to Jodie Sweetin's multi-celebrations, to Jennie Garth's "village under the tree," to Denise Richards' favorite holiday traditions, let's take a look at how the celebrities and their families enjoy the holidays. Tori...

December 22, 2011 Read Blog


This is the time of year when we celebrate the holidays with friends, family and co-workers. If you're pregnant, nursing or just don't want to drink any alcohol - but you don't want to be empty handed while socializing - here are some great mocktail recipes that will make you a happy mamma: Chocolate Monkey 1. 2 cups ice 2. 1 cup skim milk 3. 1 cup frozen vanilla yogurt 4. 1/2 banana 5. Low-fat dessert topping 6. Chocolate...

December 21, 2011 Read Blog

Taking a Road Trip with Your Baby

To Grandmother's house we go! And you'll be in the car for five whole hours - how can you make the trip enjoyable with a baby along? Learn about it: There's no question: Marathon car trips with a baby on board take a good amount of planning and organization. But it can be done - and yes, it can even be fun! Planning the trip: In the hustle that precedes a trip, it can be easy to let things happen, instead of make things happen. Be...

December 21, 2011 Read Blog

Q & A: I have a frequent waker

Hello Rosemary – Jorja was born in June 2011 and was a ‘difficult’ baby – call it colic, call it whatever you want. She cried or nursed and that’s it – slept intermittently. NOW I have a five month old who has left her fussiness behind but I am left with a frequent waker. She wakes every two hours or so through the night to nurse...sometimes because she is hungry, sometimes just to nurse. Problem being, beside the fact that I...

December 21, 2011 Read Blog

Felíz Navidad with an iPad?

My husband asked if I might like an iPad for Christmas. My first reaction was “What would I do with it?” To be honest, I’d rather he gave me a new purse. I know what to do with one of those – you put stuff in it. Best of all, there is no instruction manual required. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t appreciate technology. Salsa Babies® wouldn’t be where it is today without the Internet, and I can no longer teach a...

December 20, 2011 Read Blog

Get The Holiday Photos You’ve Always Wanted

With the Holidays coming up, we’ve definitely got a lot on our plates. We’re dreaming of the picture perfect holidays, food, decorations, parties and gifts. When it comes to the pictures, though, they just aren’t so perfect. After fighting to get everyone in place and get all your props and surroundings just how you want,the lighting is all wrong, the kids refused to smile and then they moved the second you tried to snap the photo!Sound...

December 19, 2011 Read Blog

Red Elk Onesie

Designed in-house and exclusive to Indigo. Keep baby cozy and content in our adorable long-sleeved onesie. Made from luxuriously soft 100% Organic Cotton, features a festive elk print and arrives packaged in a gift box to make gift-giving easy. www.chapters.indigo.ca

December 19, 2011 Read Blog

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