Q & A: The Ferber method?

My six month old is up eight times a night and only sleeps 45 minutes at the most for naps.  He needs to be rocked and patted for at least 20 minutes to fall asleep.  Every time he wakes up, I have to repeat this.  I’m assuming the Ferber method is the best method I should try in order to get some sleep back!



Yes. The Ferber method is definitely a great place to begin. Actually, six months is a perfect time to begin. Here are a few extra tidbits that may help you: Try doing exactly the same thing whenever you put him down to sleep, whether it’s for a nap or at night. Stick to a routine, with the same visual cues each time (close the curtains, dim the lights, same book, same song etc. ) Also try to follow a schedule, with naps and feeds always at the same time (feeds should be three hours apart). He may not like any of this at first, but if you stick with it, he’ll get used to it. And one last thing- don’t forget to look after yourself too! If you can, sleep when he sleeps. The dishes can wait.


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