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The Callet

The Callet is a new phone case that also serves as a wallet. The  product has easily accessible and ultra-convenient slit-pockets that can hold your cash and cards. Its unique design allows for easy access to whatever you’re carrying and is perfect on-the-go. Available for Blackberry or iPhone. callet.com

August 30, 2011 Read Blog

What’s the deal with the Tooth Fairy?

I'm a pretty avid reader of Oh Baby! and yesterday Sandy posted a blog about the tooth fairy. I got to talking with a few friends and, to be honest, I think it's hilarious. The tradition of rewarding children for their teeth started in Europe. In some northern European countries children were rewarded for their first cut tooth. In other countries, like Ireland and England, they would reward their child for their sixth tooth lost with money...

August 25, 2011 Read Blog

My 6yo has a loose tooth

Ew. This grosses me out. I have a thing about teeth. I don’t really like them when they are not firmly nestled in gums. I am a little paranoid that my kids will break or chip their teeth. It pains me to think about it. I cringe when my kids hit their heads and if there is a remote possibility that they have chipped a tooth, I freak out. This is completely irrational and maybe just a little bit immature. Maybe very immature. Either way,...

August 24, 2011 Read Blog

To Have or Have Not—A Second Baby Shower

By: Tara Weng I remember well the day of my baby shower for my first-born. I was feeling humongous and overwhelmed but excited for the cool baby stuff and well wishes given by family and friends. For some reason when I had my second child it seemed much more daunting of a task to procure additional baby stuff and I never got that special “Let’s welcome the new baby” party. More and more second-time moms are deciding to forego the...

August 23, 2011 Read Blog

Sleep, glorious sleep!

It’s amazing what two consecutive nights of uninterrupted sleep can do. I have been through years of sleep deprivation. After two nights of blissful, uninterrupted slumber, I feel totally discombobulated. I am walking around in a haze. I can’t believe that for two consecutive nights my kids have each slept in their own beds without crying and jumping into my bed! Since I’ve been a mom I’ve had major sleep issues and every time we...

August 19, 2011 Read Blog

Big Apple chalkboard decal

You know what they say about an apple a day… Leave a note, make a list or draw a picture on this stylish chalkboard decal that looks great in any room. Removable and reusable without damaging walls. www.wallcandyarts.com/shop/product.cfm/big-apple-chalkboard-decal

August 19, 2011 Read Blog

That Wretched Cat

Several years ago, I served as midwife to a young black cat that gave birth to six kittens in the bottom of my bathroom closet.  She was a stray who had adopted us; and at some point in time, found herself in the family way. Imagine: six kittens in her very first (and only) pregnancy! For years, she slept at the end of our bed, snapping at my feet under the covers and even growling should I disturb her by rolling over or otherwise jostling...

August 18, 2011 Read Blog

Thermos FUNtainer Food Jar

Thermos® vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention, hot or cold. Keeps contents hot for five hours and cold for seven hours. Unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior. Extra wide mouth is easy to fill, serve from and clean. Dishwasher safe. Capacity: 290 mL Visit Thermos.ca for more information.

August 18, 2011 Read Blog

Glorious Food

I hate making dinner. My husband is hurt every time I say that, but he takes it personally. I have to explain it’s not that I hate making dinner for him. I just hate it in general. I’m sure some of you can relate to the challenge of coming up with enough dinner ideas to fill the week. Meals have to be healthy, affordable, relatively quick and easy to prepare, and the most difficult criterion of all, they must appeal to all members of the...

August 17, 2011 Read Blog

Life as we know it comes to a complete halt

So I’ve had a bit of back luck health wise for the last little while. She starts pre-school.. and I get strep/tonsillitis… twice. Did I mention they were both within like 7 weeks of each other? Ya, nice. Then what happens? During my second round of throat issues did I not twist my knee at softball?  I mean bad too. Hospital for x-rays, a week off my feet, crutches, brace, ice, and pain killers…the whole 9 yards. Not to mention the...

August 16, 2011 Read Blog

The Real Babysitting 101 Course

Like many 12 year olds, my daughter recently completed her “Babysitting Course”, which in theory will enable her to venture forth into the world of watching other people’s children with insight, knowledge, and experience.  However, after having reviewed the course materials and grilling her on the information that was shared, I do believe that as a mother of four I should share some vital facts which seem to have been left out of the...

August 15, 2011 Read Blog

Sleep deprived or insane

My request was straight forward and simple. All I wanted was one night where I could sleep longer than 2 hours.  Was this an unreasonable request?  Apparently so. The moment you cast your eyes on that positive pregnancy test you can throw your usual 8 hours a night sleep out the window along with any sexy underwear and bras you own as well.  Sleep wasn’t going to happen much and hey I got it I understood – but really 13 years?  This...

August 15, 2011 Read Blog

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