Life as we know it comes to a complete halt

So I’ve had a bit of back luck health wise for the last little while. She starts pre-school.. and I get strep/tonsillitis… twice. Did I mention they were both within like 7 weeks of each other? Ya, nice. Then what happens? During my second round of throat issues did I not twist my knee at softball?  I mean bad too. Hospital for x-rays, a week off my feet, crutches, brace, ice, and pain killers…the whole 9 yards. Not to mention the anti-inflammatory cream. Ya, that’s hot.

You’d think the world came to an end in this household. No one ever realizes how much a Mom does until, well, she can’t do it….or should I say “I can’t”. The regular cleaning didn’t get done, quick dinners all week, no laundry, the list goes on and on of, well, stuff that hasn’t been done the past week.

So sorry family this week the cleaning lady, chef, doctor, consultant, psychiatrist, art critic, pet groomer, financial planner, personal shopper, and well everyone else “not“ on the payroll called in sick but don’t panic life will go on.

I must admit hubby and little miss didn’t do too shabby of a job, definitely room for improvement but not bad!  I’d give a solid C+! LOL

Oh and by the way the dishwasher doesn’t load and unload itself. I know it says “automatic” but it really isn’t chalk another mystery up to good-old Mom! Trust me this is much harder with crutches! LOL!!!

  • Sarab39

    I totally understand where you’re coming from.  I have a 3 year old and my husband and I got pregnant which was fantastic news, only to miscarry, which was awful on it’s own.  After surgery I contacted an post-op infection and had to be hospitalized for 5 days, then to come home for a week and find cysts.  God love my husband for stepping up well past my expectations and my child to know I love him no matter where I am.  We’re not just Mom’s or wives, we’re miracle workers.

    • BBL

      So sorry to hear of your news!
      I don’t know how we get everything done! It’s crazy to see how much we actually do!

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