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Baby Bath Essentials

For some, bathing your baby is the most fun you can have as new parents. I wish it could be bath time every hour. Some newborns love it, for others it can be a real stressful time. Most doctors recommend a bath every other day and only washing hair once or twice a week. Always wash hands, feet and face at least twice a day (newborns tend to have their hands in their mouths a lot of the time). Always keep the diaper area clean to protect against...

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The Three C’s: Parenting Beyond ABCs and 123s

When my daughter was born in 2001, the wave of "baby genius" products was in the midst of flooding the market. Baby Genius, Brainy Baby, Baby Einstein, IQ Baby - all of these products, which claimed to develop "great minds," were flying off the shelves. Toy manufacturers had also begun placing heavy emphasis on the "brain benefits" of their products - language, spatial reasoning, problem-solving, eye-hand coordination. As a parent and child...

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Goodnight baby

People often ask me how I put my baby to sleep. My son has always been a terrible sleeper and I have toyed with the idea of letting him "cry it out" many times. But I can't ever go through with more than 10 minutes of crying. At 16 months we've finally reached a happy place when it comes to sleep. We read Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, I give him a bottle of milk, we turn out the lights, I rock him or just hold him in my arms until he...

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Inhibited? Me?

Show me a woman who’s gone through childbirth and I’ll show you a woman who has shed most of her inhibitions. Particularly if she gave birth (as I did, a couple of times) at a teaching hospital. By the time they ask if you if you mind 14 or so medical students joining you to witness the miracle of childbirth - if you’re like me - you’re already drugged up and ready to agree to do anything that doesn’t involve having to not push for...

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Life after loss: How the death of a baby changes you forever

During those intensely painful days after my daughter Laura was stillborn six years ago, I remember feeling that I was at a crossroads in my life -- that two separate paths lay before me: I could either let this tragedy destroy my life and break my spirit or I could find a way to make something positive come out of my daughter's death. Fortunately for me, I inherited the stubborn gene from my parents so giving up on life really wasn't a...

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Embracing Chaos

I have a great belief in the fact that whenever there is chaos, it creates wonderful thinking. I consider chaos a gift. -Septima Poinsette Clark Day: Monday Time: 6:00 PM Scene:Mom (a.k.a. “me”) scrambling to get dinner ready for her family It was a typical Monday evening at our house – the kids were hungry and cranky, my husband had just come home from work and was trying to tell me about his hectic day, my 5-year-old was crying...

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Don’t Do Something, Just Sit There

Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. – GUILAUME APOLLINAIRE Not too long ago, my 5-year-old daughter and I went on a “date” (we often do this as a way to spend one-on-one time together and connect). We decided to have a girls’ day of shopping and lunch together. After a busy, fun-filled day of picking out clothes and some other items she needed, we were both exhausted and decided to stop...

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The Mona Lisa “Smile”?

Using sophisticated laser technology, it was recently discovered that the secret behind the Mona Lisa’s smile is that she is thought to have recently given birth. Something to do with a damask type covering that she was wearing, which was typical for new Mothers in her day. For centuries, historians have been trying to crack this particular Da Vinci code to discover what lay behind the enigmatic smile of this supposed “normal” woman. ...

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Everything I Needed to Know About Raising Babies I Learned From My Mom-Friends

You can wear out your mouse-pad surfing all the top ranked baby websites, fill your shopping cart to overflowing with the must-read baby magazines, manuals, and “momoirs”, but, in the end, it’s your mom-friends who tell you what you really need to know. Here are five all-important lessons about motherhood that I learned from other moms. 1. Only supermodels shed their baby weight by the six-week checkup. (Okay supermodel mommies and...

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Postpartum Diva

Fashion After Baby It's the Mother of All Dilemmas: what to wear during the postpartum period while you're waiting for your body to regain its pre-baby shape. You wouldn't be caught dead wearing maternity clothing at this stage of the game for fear someone asks the question no new mom wants to hear ("So when are you going to have that baby?"), and yet you don't want to spend a fortune on new clothing that may only be needed for a few months'...

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The Pitfalls of Motherhood

I remember a time after my first baby was born that I realized I didn’t like who I was becoming. My moment of clarity came while watching my husband bathe our new baby. From where I was sitting, the bath water was too cold, the soap was all wrong, the washcloth forgotten, and the un-fluffy towel chosen. And I seemed unable to keep myself from commenting on each and every one. No one enjoyed bath time that night and the feeling it left stayed...

December 31, 2010 Read Blog

The Line

6:00pm the witching hour. Up since 5:30 in the morning with baby, no shower, rice cereal for lunch (we mean you, not the baby), spit on your shoulder, Raffi playing for the 10th time today in the background and Jack refusing to eat the broccoli you cooked and pureed for him. This day has got to end. We all have those mom days when we have (or would like to have) dissolved into tears on the kitchen floor. But there is a fine line between...

December 31, 2010 Read Blog

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