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Moving from Crib to Bed

When your child moves from crib to bed it's a milestone in his life as well as yours. There is no precise time for making this move, though typically it's between the first and third birthday. The key to success is to be patient and allow your child time to adjust to the change. Why move a child from crib to bed? If a child sleeps well in his crib, don't rush the change. Switching to a bed gives a child freedom and brings new issues for...

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Tooth Care

A helpful guide to caring for your child's teeth whether they are a baby or a toddler Young children are not able to clean their own teeth. As a parent, you must do it for them when they are very young and do it with them, as they get older. When your child can write (not print) his or her name, your child is ready to do a good job brushing. You should check to make sure your child does a good job. You should start cleaning your child's...

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Toy Safety

Kids love toys - they always want more. Often, toys get handed down through generations, but even a few years makes a big difference to toy safety standards. Health Canada sets heavy standards that toy makers must abide by. Below are some tips to help you choose safe toys and to keep children safe: 1. Abide by the age label. Discard broken toys. 2. Show children the right way to play with toys. 3. Remove and discard all toy packaging,...

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Recently, there has been a lot of celebrity discussion about the link to autism and vaccines. Two Hollywood moms, Jenny McCarthy and Amanda Peet, have gone head to head trying to sway the public’s opinion. In 2005 McCarthy’s son, Evan, was diagnosed with autism. Since then she has been promoting the idea that childhood vaccinations, particularly the MMR vaccine (used to prevent measles, mumps and rubella, given to babies between 12 to 18...

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You Know the Type

There's just no easy way to put a label on the complex modern day mom. Still, some people just can't help themselves (Don't they know labels are for hats and mitts?). Here are a few varieties we've come across - shamelessly stereotypical, we know - but you might just recognize a few. Hall Monitor Moms Moms who are always in the know about what little Jack did at school last week and feel the need to tell you, Jack's mom, about the spit...

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Why babies have tantrums and what you can do about it A baby tantrum is an abrupt and sudden loss of emotional control. Various factors bring tantrums on, and if you can identify the trigger, then you can help him calm down - and perhaps even avoid the tantrum in the first place. Here are the common reasons and ways to solve the problem: 1. Overtiredness: Settle baby down to sleep; Provide quiet activity 2. Hunger: Give baby a snack or...

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Terrific Tips For Teaching Your Child A Second Language

You realize the benefits of having a second language, but do you know where to turn or how to begin the process of teaching your little one a second language? Read through the following second language learning tips provided by a bilingual mom, educator and leading expert on the subject: 1. Start the second language learning early! Experts agree - the earlier, the better. Play language music CDs during the pregnancy. Talk to your baby from...

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The Struggle to Conceive

What is infertility? A woman is considered infertile if she tries unsuccessfully for one year or more to conceive having consistent, unprotected sex. This definition also applies to women who suffer repeated miscarriages/ cannot carry a baby to term. Infertility is a medical problem. ?One in eight couples struggle with infertility, which can be very stressful for their relationship.?Secondary infertility refers to when a couple has one...

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Baby Tantrums

Learn about it A baby’s first tantrum can take you by surprise. Your baby can really shock you by shrieking, stamping, hitting, or making his whole body go stiff. But don’t take it personally; baby tantrums aren’t about anything you’ve done wrong, and they aren’t really about temper, either – your baby isn’t old enough for that. The ways you’ll respond to your baby’s behavior when he is older are different than how you should...

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Dress Warm

Expectant Mothers Although many pregnant women find that the extra activity going on in their body keeps them warm during the winter months, Canada's chilly climate makes outer layers a necessity. However, buying a winter maternity coat can be a costly expense that some women are keen to avoid. Here are some other options for keeping the winter chill away. Plan ahead. Consider how far along you will be in the winter months. Start looking for...

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Your Pregnancy & Exercise Questions Answered

Is it safe to swim for exercise while pregnant? Swimming and biking are examples of non weight bearing exercises and are indicated during pregnancy, but within reason. Make sure to limit your duration to 30 minutes, three times per week at an intesity of fairly light to somewhat hard intensity. As always, the rule of thumb is that if you’ve been doing the exercise a minimum of six months prior to becoming pregnant, have been cleared by your...

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Your baby’s sleeping soundly…or is she?

Cot Death, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), affects three families every week in Canada. SIDS is an unexplainable death of an infant, and leaves our community asking some big questions. Charlotte Wenham, a former Emergency Nurse and mother of two boys, explores this topic. “One night during his flu the breathing monitor alarm went off, it was 2:25 in the morning – not his usual wake up time”, says Angela, a mother and accountant...

December 30, 2010 Read Blog

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