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Although many pregnant women find that the extra activity going on in their body keeps them warm during the winter months, Canada’s chilly climate makes outer layers a necessity. However, buying a winter maternity coat can be a costly expense that some women are keen to avoid. Here are some other options for keeping the winter chill away. Plan ahead. Consider how far along you will be in the winter months. Start looking for items while warm clothes are still in stores. Dress in layers. Pregnant moms may have a tough time fully buttoning a coat over a large tummy, so buy other items and layer. Items like undershirts or thermals on your top half help insulate your body.

Long, thick scarves are in style – lucky for pregnant moms! Use one to cover your tummy if you can’t fully close your jacket. Bonus: scarves can be used indoors to wrap around the shoulders or neck if you get a chill. A cozy pair of boots keeps feet warm, and a good tread lessens the chance of slipping. Also, don’t forget: heat is lost through the head. Wear a hat or toque on cold days. Be fabric-conscious. Silk is a natural insulator; wool and flannel also effectively trap heat.


Rule of thumb: dress babies to your own comfort level and add one extra layer.Use a onesie, sleep sack or wearable blanket to keep sleeping babies warm. These sleep suits – great for babies who are active in sleep – keep the body snug without needing a blanket (which should never be put in a crib because of suffocation risks). Fitted flannel crib sheets provide warmth on baby’s back. Layers of clothing are better than one bulky item. The pieces of clothing hold warmth between them, and allow for layers to be stripped off if necessary. Water-repellent outer layers made of nylon keep warmth in and moisture away. Hats are crucial. Use hoods, hats with earflaps, beanies – there are many options. Don’t hesitate to layer hats and hoods, and make sure tiny toes are covered with footsies. Monitor your baby’s temperature. Make sure baby does not become too warm; sweating dampens the clothes.

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