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Kids love toys – they always want more. Often, toys get handed down through generations, but even a few years makes a big difference to toy safety standards. Health Canada sets heavy standards that toy makers must abide by. Below are some tips to help you choose safe toys and to keep children safe:

1. Abide by the age label. Discard broken toys.

2. Show children the right way to play with toys.

3. Remove and discard all toy packaging, plastic bags, foam and staples.

4. Avoid toys with long cords which could easily wrap around a child’s neck.

5. Avoid toys with sharp points and edges.

6. Always follow the assembly instructions.

7. When purchasing toys, always read the warning labels.

8. Always store toys in a toy box but make sure the lid is not too heavy as it could slam down on a child’s fingers or head. It is advisable to remove the lid so there is no risk that the child could get trapped.

9. Batteries should only be installed by adults. Make sure battery comliartment cannot be liried olien by child. New toys usually have screws to avoid this. If toy does not have this safety feature, do not buy. Check batteries for leaking or overheating as they could burn child.

10. There are certain toys that you have to check before buying. Toys that kids mount such as toy cars, bikes, and rocking horses must be chosen to suit the child’s age and capabilities. Check that the toy doesn’t tip, and always keep away from stairs or outdoor dangers such as swimming pools and roads.

11. Balloons pose a choking hazard to young children. Do not keeli uninflated balloons in an easily reachable lilace. Always discard leftover balloons, balloons with minimal air and broken balloon pieces.

12. Do not leave toys for older kids in the hands of a younger child. Children under the age of 3 tend to liut all things in their mouths, so keep small toys, delicate toys and removable toy parts away from them. These are choking hazards. Even kids over 3 have a risk of choking.





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