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Shira Stein is the lead Mom Rep at online baby and parenting gear company, She drives many of the company’s product selections based on experience, testing and customer feedback. In addition, she provides moms and dads with real world advice about the ups and downs of parenting and helps them navigate this special journey. The dream of PishPoshBaby was born out of a desire to find the more reliable baby products and advice available to real moms just like you. Their high-quality online store supplies facts and advice to parents who are completely lost in the whirlwind of baby gear. Visit their site at for more information and follow their blog. You can also “LIKE” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @pishposhbaby, Pinterest, and Instagram.

After School Snacks: A Little Love and a Little Nourishment

School is almost out for the day and soon your kids will be barreling in through the door. Are you prepared to greet them with warm, home-made chocolate chip cookies and milk in hand? Many kids are picky eaters and willing to starve themselves while in school (after all, school lunches leave much to be desired). So when the kids walk through the door after a long day of school tired and hungry, all they really want is a little bit of love and...

March 26, 2015 Read Blog

5 Labour Worries You Need to Forget About Now

When you are pregnant with your first child, your mind can go crazy with worry. You worry that you’re not eating enough or that you’re eating too much. You worry that the aches and pains you feel aren’t normal. You wonder if your baby is moving enough. Though a lot of what keeps you up at night are legitimate concerns, so many of the fears you experience as a first time mother are simply due to fear of the unknown. As your pregnancy...

March 19, 2015 Read Blog

Working Out With Your New Baby

Wondering how you can squeeze in a work out when you can barely squeeze in a nap? We’ve all been there. You feel like you just got home with your bouncing bundle of joy and all the sudden six weeks later you’re still exhausted and none of your clothes fit. Don’t worry, Mom, Here are a few fool proof tricks to burning those extra baby pounds off. – You don’t need a fancy home gym for a great work out. Put baby in your new carrier or...

March 18, 2015 Read Blog

Tips To Help Moms Stay Calm While Coping With A Fussy Baby

New moms can feel overwhelmed when it comes to calming down a fussy newborn. There are many things that can cause a baby to be discontented and it is often a tenuous time of trial and error when it comes to getting him settled down. Babies feed off of mom’s emotions so the first step to helping diffuse his discomfort is to stay calm. The next time you feel frazzled; try one of these eight tips: Get plenty of sleep – Sleep deprivation can...

March 17, 2015 Read Blog

Did I Just Say That?

As a thirty-something-year old mother of twins, I will admit that inserting the newest ‘lingo’ into my daily conversations isn’t a top priority. Acronyms like ‘YOLO’ and ‘LOL’ creep in the odd time but it’s more for efficiency rather than the cool factor. There are some phrases, however, that I do find tend to creep in on a daily basis. They’re comments that would have many scratching their heads, but as parents, make...

March 16, 2015 Read Blog

Tips for Healthy Eating While Pregnant and Nursing

You’ve heard it all before, “you’re eating for two,” “baby wants this ice cream,” “I’m nursing; I HAVE to eat these cookies!” How are you supposed to eat healthy in a world of morning sickness, cravings and midnight feeding sessions? Just remember, to properly take care of your brand new baby, you have to properly take care of yourself. At least for the foreseeable future, you alone will be your child’s sole source of...

March 12, 2015 Read Blog

How To Help Kids Cope With The Loss Of A Pet

One of the most difficult parts of losing a family pet is breaking the news to the kids.  Choose a private place to tell the kids about the loss where they feel safe to express emotions.   Base the amount of details you share about the situation on their age and let their questions be your guide. Check out these tips for helping kids understand and cope with the loss of a furry family member. Older pets - If you have an older pet who is...

March 6, 2015 Read Blog

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