Did I Just Say That?

As a thirty-something-year old mother of twins, I will admit that inserting the newest ‘lingo’ into my daily conversations isn’t a top priority. Acronyms like ‘YOLO’ and ‘LOL’ creep in the odd time but it’s more for efficiency rather than the cool factor.

There are some phrases, however, that I do find tend to creep in on a daily basis. They’re comments that would have many scratching their heads, but as parents, make perfect sense.

Teaching toddlers about everyday life as well as rules and manners is no easy feat. It has us saying things that we likely never imagined we would…over and over again. Repetition seems to be the name of the game, at least in our house, where everything my husband and I say is ‘times two’ resulting in double the laughs when we realize what we’ve just said.

I thought it would be fun to make a list of the funny, yet odd things that I find myself saying to my two-year old daughters quite often. I’m sure many parents can relate:


  1. What’s in your mouth?
  2. Where’s your sock?
  3. What’s in your hair?
  4. Where’s your bum?
  5. Did you toot?
  6. Why did you do that?
  7. Don’t eat that!
  8. Don’t touch that!
  9. Did you poop?
  10. Don’t pick your nose
  11. Don’t pick your sister’s nose.
  12. Don’t pick mommy’s nose.
  13. Is that a boogie?
  14. Where’s your belly?
  15. Do you have a booboo?
  16. Please stop riding the dog.
  17. Don’t eat the Play Doh!
  18. Don’t bite your sister!
  19. Don’t hit your sister!
  20. Where’s your diaper?
  21. Don’t put that up your nose
  22. Please get off the table.
  23. Get down!
  24. We don’t hit.
  25. You’re hungry again?

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