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7 Steps for a Do-It-Yourself Home Detox

1. OPEN THE WINDOWS Air inside is often more polluted than outdoor air. Monitor the quality of the air inside your home and open your windows daily to ventilate, and avoid room fresheners or sprays that contain synthetic ingredients and fragrances. Remember, the term ‘fragrance’ can represent hundreds of unknown chemicals. Look for products that are plant-based or offer fragrance-free formulations. Keep the rooms in your home smelling fresh...

June 24, 2014 Read Blog

Let Mom Be The Judge of That

When Peter MacKay, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, and notably, father of one, made the comments that “women don’t apply to be judges because they fear the job will take them away from their children”, and that “children need their mothers more than their fathers”, (according to the Toronto Star), with one fell swoop, he handed successful working women some more unnecessary guilt, and made Dads everywhere feel...

June 23, 2014 Read Blog

Eli Manning: “I Try To Enjoy Every Moment I Have With My Family”

This Father’s Day, OralB honored dads with the help of Eli Manning, New York Giants quarterback and proud dad, and March of Dimes, an organization that celebrates mothers and fathers every day. Manning, 33, has had great success on the field. But his most cherished memories have nothing to do with roaring crowds, smart plays or perfect passes. Celebrity Baby Scoop Scoop spoke with Eli about spending time with his family, his father,...

June 20, 2014 Read Blog

One Woman Circus

Ever since we welcomed our twins into the world I have been determined to do everything that other moms can do. I've refused to miss out on park visits and swimming pools just because the twins outnumber me. Needless to say if you see someone who looks like a one woman circus, it's probably me (or any other mom with multiple children who haven't yet learned to walk on their own). From park visits involving swings and rides down the slide...

June 17, 2014 Read Blog

World Cup 2014 Baby Names – Top 10 Hunks That Will Inspire Names Internationally

Would you give your sport-watching husband full authority to choose your baby name? Well, you might not mind what he decides. Only once every four years does the entire world come together in such a spectacular event as the World Cup. What’s consistently the most internationally televised sporting event, you can bet that 2014 babies will be highly influenced by the stars of this high-profile competition. Sport stars are no strangers to...

June 16, 2014 Read Blog

Dealing with Terrible Twos

Terrible two's are not a fun part of raising children. My little man who used to be the sweetest, kindest little boy has suddenly turned into this little monster.  It is hard to tell when the switch will go off and it can get a little frustrating. He has delayed speech and a lot of the temper comes from not being able to communicate with us. We have him in speech therapy which is helping but my issue isn't with that. It's with the not being...

June 16, 2014 Read Blog

Decluttering Outgrown Clothes

Every change of season I find myself in the same place. Sitting on the floor in front of a closet surrounded by piles of children’s clothing feeling overwhelmed trying to determine what to do with it all. Kids can easily outgrow their clothes faster than they can wear them and many items may remain in perfect condition able to be used again. The thought of just throwing out perfectly good clothing has never appealed to me and the idea of...

June 16, 2014 Read Blog

3 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Be the Perfect Parent

Every parent strives to be a “perfect parent,” but it’s just not a realistic goal and you’ll make yourself crazy trying to attain the unattainable, Perfect Parent Status. Instead, strive to do your best and try to be a great parent – mistakes and all! Just in case you’re not sold on the idea of lowering the bar (ever so slightly), I’ve compiled a list of three reasons why being the perfect parent is overrated: You’re not...

June 12, 2014 Read Blog

Fun & Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is the time of year where we celebrate the most important man in your family—good ol’ Dad. As you head out to find your dad a meaningful and extra special gift that shows him just how much you love him, why not think ‘out-of-the-socks’? How about going for something more unique and memorable? As a father to 7 kids, I’ve seen my fair share of Father’s Day gifts, and that does mean a lot of ties and socks but I’ve also...

June 5, 2014 Read Blog

Baby Swim Class

With the warm weather upon us I figured what better time to sign the girls up for their first swimming lessons? We took them swimming a few times last summer and they seemed to enjoy it as much as any 5 months old would. The next logical step would be to sign them up for baby swim classes…right? Wrong! The first class was spent trying to console our girls as they cried and cried. They were cold after 15 minutes (the class was 30...

June 3, 2014 Read Blog

Diarrhea in young children – A role for probiotics?

Many parents, especially first time parents, question at one point or another whether their infant’s stool is normal.  If there is a sudden and noticeable change in stool frequency and consistency, such as a sudden increase in water content of the stool, it is most likely he/she is experiencing bouts of diarrhea.  In every case, you need to consult the child’s doctor whether this is diarrhea.  Although evidence is limited, research...

June 3, 2014 Read Blog

Water Fun in the Summer Sun

Seems like summer may finally be on its way! The sun is coming out, temperatures are heating up and splash pads are starting to open! My absolute favourite part of summer has always been cooling off with the kids. There is nothing more refreshing than cold water on a hot day. It is the easiest way to cool both yourself and the kids off when the weather is steamy. I introduced my babies to water as soon as I possibly could. I wanted to help...

June 2, 2014 Read Blog

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