Baby Swim Class

With the warm weather upon us I figured what better time to sign the girls up for their first swimming lessons?

We took them swimming a few times last summer and they seemed to enjoy it as much as any 5 months old would. The next logical step would be to sign them up for baby swim classes…right?


The first class was spent trying to console our girls as they cried and cried. They were cold after 15 minutes (the class was 30 minutes long) even with their swim shirts on. Week two wasn’t any better.

We had signed up for seven classes with the town and due to sickness and just not wanting to put the girls through something that they seemed to obviously hate, we ended up going to four classes in total.

The sixth and seventh classes went much more smoothly. The girls had fun doing the back and front float, kicking their feet and being dunked. That is, once we figured out not to get them on the pool deck 10 minutes before class, one minute worked better. Once we thought to put long sleeve shirts on them overtop of their bathing suits to keep them warm. Once we thought to bring snacks for them to enjoy while we got them out of their wet bathing suits. It was definitely a learning curve for all of us.

Needless to say the girls got their report cards and passed with flying colours. We won’t be registering them for any more classes until they get a bit older, but we can now check baby swim classes off of our list of things (we think) we must do as first time parents.

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