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I'm Brianne and I am a local TV producer and videographer in York Region. My job enables me to share stories and experiences with my viewers. At the age of 32 I am now writing a new chapter of my own...I'm a first time expectant mommy of not only one but two bundles of joy! The journey hasn't been an easy one. It's included a devastating miscarriage, infertility fears, followed by the unexpected yet amazing news that my husband and I will be welcoming twins in the spring. I started writing my blogs as a way to share my experiences, the good and the bad, as well as a way to help other moms and dads out there that might be going through something similar.

New Appreciation for the Holidays

Have you ever seen that picture on social media stating "I used to think being a kid on Christmas was the best thing ever. But it turns out having kids on Christmas is." Well this saying really rang true for me this year. My heart is full and it has nothing to do with the amount of gifts that were under the tree. With unexpected things coming up here and there within our families, Christmas worked out a little differently than in the past....

December 28, 2015 Read Blog

My sleepwalking little one

It wasn’t the first time it happened but each time it makes me a little nervous. She had been asleep for about a couple of hours when I heard her little feet padding down the stairs. I asked her why she was awake and she didn’t answer. Instead, she walked over to me and crawled up onto my lap, without saying a word. It wasn’t until she was settled cozy in my lap that I realized she was still asleep. She had gotten out of her bed, walked...

December 21, 2015 Read Blog

Baby Parka’s new toddler poncho makes winter travel a whole lot easier

I’m always on the hunt for awesome winter stuff for the kids. When I was pregnant with our first little guy 5 whole years ago, I purchased a Baby Parka from the ladies at a baby show and haven’t looked back. Since those early days, I’ve learned so much about safety and what works for us and what doesn’t. We’ve finally been able to buy a new car (ahem, a minivan), and just in time for winter, I’ve been able to get my hands on the...

December 16, 2015 Read Blog

Juggling the Holidays

I love this time of year; the decorations, the mood, the time with loved ones. But I know that I'm definitely not alone when I say that the holidays feel like a juggling act. You want to make sure to spend quality time with everyone. But between family and friends and very busy schedules there never seem to be enough time. Some traditions have changed over the years for various reasons, but we have a couple that still hold true. One of...

December 14, 2015 Read Blog

Gift Guide for Baby

Holiday shopping is never easy but shopping for a gift for a baby can cause even more stress. What exactly is a good gift for a baby? I’ve put together a list of some great gift ideas for the little ones in your life.   Oh Baby Go Baby – BoardbookIt is never too early to start reading to your kids. I love me some Dr. Seuss; it’s part of our regular storytime rotation. This boardbook is a condensed, colourful version of Oh...

December 8, 2015 Read Blog

Using a Braun No-Touch Thermometer can make cold and flu season a little more bearable

I have two very active and non-stop boys, and one baby heading the same way. I talk about them a lot. Their energy baffles me. Even when Henry is sick, he goes at Mach 3, so it’s hard for us to actually get a read on him. Lauchie, on the other hand, tends to cry wolf a whole lot so we’re never sure just how serious his bad-feelings are. And the baby? He’s just a baby, so it’s hard for us to actually know how poorly he’s...

December 3, 2015 Read Blog

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