Using a Braun No-Touch Thermometer can make cold and flu season a little more bearable

I have two very active and non-stop boys, and one baby heading the same way. I talk about them a lot. Their energy baffles me. Even when Henry is sick, he goes at Mach 3, so it’s hard for us to actually get a read on him. Lauchie, on the other hand, tends to cry wolf a whole lot so we’re never sure just how serious his bad-feelings are. And the baby? He’s just a baby, so it’s hard for us to actually know how poorly he’s feeling.

Either way, we gave up long ago trying to use any sort of instrument to take their temperatures. So much flailing, crying, screaming and running away.

Did I mention the running away?

My kids are all also snot factories with dust allergies so we are constantly on cold patrol from October until April. The baby, who was born in June has already had four pretty intense colds since he was born! Once the heat goes on, Henry sniffles for months. Without being sure that he has a fever, we have no idea if he’s sick or just dusty. When he was a baby, he somehow let us take his temperature rectally. I was not a fan of that, and there’s no way Lauchie would never let me.

I never thought I’d say it, though, we tried a No-Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer from Braun and it’s making life a million times easier. Today, Henry woke up and said he “didn’t feel well” and “had a fever.” So, before we sent him off to school, I said, “Let’s see what the thermometer says – it will tell us if you need Tylenol!” In less than three seconds, the little light flashed green and let me know that H’s temperature was good. No fever!

This is my favourite feature, by the way. The thermometer flashes green for no temperature, yellow for getting high and red for full on fever territory. This is perfect for me because I actually have no clue what a normal temperature should be, especially since some thermometers give you Fahrenheit and others, Celsius.

Henry is infatuated with the machine and keeps asking me to try it again. I think he feels really space-agey. Lauchie also will stand still just long enough for me to check his temperature before he screams and waddles off to find something to throw at the dog.

With the baby having been sick so many times this year already, it was really great having the peace of mind knowing that the easy to read and use thermometer has been at my disposal so that I don’t have to worry if he’s getting too hot.

I’ve even tried it on myself, and since it works so fast, I imagine that if I’m ever super sick, I won’t complain (too much) that my arm is being held upright for more than four seconds.

With cold season starting, I’m really jazzed about this thing. Having one less piece to worry about – cleaning a thermometer, trying to read its tiny letters or even having it positioned the right way, those are all gone.

Also, it feels pretty futuristic and as a sci-fi fan, I’ve gotta say, it feels a little Star Trek, and I like it. If you are looking for something easy to use, reliable and cool, I think the Braun no-touch thermometer is the way to go.


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