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I'm Brianne and I am a local TV producer and videographer in York Region. My job enables me to share stories and experiences with my viewers. At the age of 32 I am now writing a new chapter of my own...I'm a first time expectant mommy of not only one but two bundles of joy! The journey hasn't been an easy one. It's included a devastating miscarriage, infertility fears, followed by the unexpected yet amazing news that my husband and I will be welcoming twins in the spring. I started writing my blogs as a way to share my experiences, the good and the bad, as well as a way to help other moms and dads out there that might be going through something similar.

Potty Training Twins

As you might've guessed by the title of this blog, life in our house has been a bit chaotic this month. The twins are now two-and-a-half (seriously, where has the time gone?!) so we figured it was worth a shot to give this potty training thing a go. I decided on the 3 day potty training technique because really, the quicker the better when it comes to your house being covered in pee. I took the girls to the store to purchase their big...

August 31, 2015 Read Blog

Learning to be Lucky

“You’re lucky your kids listen to you.” As she said this to me, I had to think about what my appropriate reaction should be. It could go a couple of ways. First of all, I’m not entirely convinced that my children listen to me when I’m regaling them with stories of my work day, the new chicken recipe I’m thinking of trying out, or the reasons why that woman down the street annoys me so much. In fact, I know they’re not listening...

August 28, 2015 Read Blog

Treehouse’s Big Day Out is a tradition we never want to give up!

Last year, Treehouse TV debuted Big Day Out – a two day “festival” for preschoolers and toddlers centred around a concert featuring our family favourite The Wiggles! I had a chance last year to interview the team about the show, the charity it supports and their new (then) album: [embed][/embed] This year, I was so excited to learn that Big Day Out was happening again, and that The Wiggles...

August 27, 2015 Read Blog

Bye Bye Cribs

How has the time already arrived that we would be saying goodbye to the cribs? Although the girls have never tried to climb out of them, their sleep was being interrupted because they just didn't have enough room to move around anymore. So we decided that it was time. How time flies…I still remember my husband performing the tedious task of assembling them complete with allen keys and many screws. That was two-and-a-half-years...

August 27, 2015 Read Blog

Baby kisses – Do you kiss your little ones on the lips?

I’ve been reading articles lately pulling the whole parents kissing kids on the lips debate into the spotlight and shedding some controversy on the practice. Full disclosure. I kiss my kids on the lips. Let me be clear, it is not sexual in any way whatsoever. I kissed my babies on the lips from the time they were born, almost instinctively. I never thought I would kiss my kids like that before they were actually a part of my life....

August 25, 2015 Read Blog

Adventures in Postpartum Binding

A few years ago, I was outraged at the idea of a celebrity wearing a corset 24/7 in order to get her body back after having kids. Subsequently, I’ve learned about diastasis separation, the pelvic floor and that peeing your pants when you laugh or work out is not normal. Let me repeat that – if you pee a little when you laugh, walk or exercise, you need to see someone to help restore proper function to your pelvic floor. Even if you’ve...

August 24, 2015 Read Blog

Baby Box Co.

Based on the 75 year old Finnish tradition of providing a Baby Box – essentially a starter kit for the first year of baby’s life – the Baby Box Co. is the first company to make Baby Boxes available outside of Europe. The Baby Box Co. partners with hospitals, government agencies and non-profit organizations to provide products and safe sleep resources to families at a large scale. Baby Boxes are also available direct to consumer either as a...

August 18, 2015 Read Blog

Pregnancy Etiquette

Pregnancy evokes so many emotions in people. Not just for the woman who is actually experiencing the pregnancy but also for those who know them and love them and even for strangers who may cross their paths. For some reason, pregnancy causes people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do; offer advice, tell stories, ask inappropriate questions. Most people don’t mean any ill will when they get a little too persona with a pregnant women...

August 13, 2015 Read Blog

Routine Examples for Twins

Since becoming a twin momma I've been asked by many who have become mommies after me what type of schedule I've had my girls on. I think it's always been more of a routine than a clocked schedule (note: the times listed below fluctuated from time to time), but consistency and small changes have always worked for us. Around the three-month mark we were able to start somewhat of a routine, but by the six month mark they were definitely...

August 2, 2015 Read Blog

Back to School Photo Tips

For most of us living in Ontario, the first day of school is the day after Labour Day. It's the day the kids (and parents) have been waiting all summer for! I'm sure your children are excited to see their teachers and friends again, and you're anxious to get back into the school time routine. The first day of school may be quite the milestone in your home. Perhaps it's your son's first day of preschool, your daughter's first day of all-day...

August 1, 2015 Read Blog

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