Bye Bye Cribs

How has the time already arrived that we would be saying goodbye to the cribs?

Although the girls have never tried to climb out of them, their sleep was being interrupted because they just didn’t have enough room to move around anymore. So we decided that it was time.

How time flies…I still remember my husband performing the tedious task of assembling them complete with allen keys and many screws. That was two-and-a-half-years ago!

Their white cribs are simple in design and exactly what I was looking for. Not to mention they were on sale.

I remember looking at (what felt like) a million websites to find the perfect bedding for their cribs. Grey and white with elephants. Simple right? Wrong! I ended up finally finding it at a department store with a pretty hefty price tag…times two! But I just HAD to have them.

Fast forward to summer 2015 and my hubby and I were right back in the thick of bedroom shopping, this time for toddler beds.

Since our cribs weren’t conversion cribs we debated on which beds to go with next: Toddler beds? Twin beds? Or maybe just go right to two double beds?

After much thought we went with the doubles. One less transition down the road and they can grow into them as they get older and bigger.

Next question: where to purchase them?

If you’ve read my previous blogs you know that I love a good deal and will never spend more than necessary on anything. There are some great ‘deals’ at warehouse locations but even their ‘best’ prices for two beds and two box springs were much more than we were prepared to spend.

We popped into Ikea (actually just for lunch since we were in the area) and ended up walking out with two very comfy mattresses and two bed frames that didn’t require a box spring. Comfortable and on budget!

Then I started my hunt for bedding. A hunt that had me searching high and low for the perfect comforter sets. Something girly that was similar but a bit different. I lucked out and found the last two reversible princess comforters in stock at a local department store. One side was pink with princesses, the other purple with different princesses. Perfect!

Now to get the girls out of their cribs and into their new big girls beds.

I was terrified.

We ‘talked up’ the big girl beds all week long. We brought the girls shopping with us to bounce on them in the store and tell us which ones they liked the best (obviously swaying their options based on our own).

When my husband took their cribs apart we kept them out of the room just in case they got emotional seeing them being put away. When it came to assembling the new beds we let them be a big part of it. They handed their daddy tools and ‘helped’ in the process. They were so excited!

It was time for their first nap in their new beds and to my pleasant surprise they did great! They were excited and running back and forth for a little while, but then settled down and slept for their usual two hours and woke up as if nothing had changed.

That night the same thing happened. They barely fought us on getting into bed, and other than having to convince them with “mommy not singing them their bedtime songs if they didn’t put their heads on their pillows” they handled the transition with ease.

I barely slept that night worrying that they would roll out of bed, which didn’t happen until the second night…and up went the bed rails.

I was so nervous about this transition and it ended up being one of the easiest changes we’ve made…easy for them, not so easy on mommy…it means my babies are growing up and it’s happening way too fast.


**note: I do not work for or have any affiliation to Ikea Canada

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