Mummy Madness

I got married and had two children all in 3 years. My son, also my first child, was born with a health condition that required surgery and we spent our first 6 weeks of parenthood in a NICU at a children’s hospital. It was the most difficult time of my life. Even after he came home I struggled with anxiety, depression, fear and anger. I turned to writing and my words slowly allowed me to crawl out of the hole I had dug myself into. I was forever changed. I began to realize that I had the ability to help others who were struggling with their journey in parenthood. As parents, we all have moments where we aren't sure what we are doing. I continue to write and share my experiences in hopes that I can help part the clouds for someone who is struggling.

End of Baby Days

I think we are done. Actually I am almost positive we are done. I only use the word almost because I know that things change. If becoming a mother has taught me anything it’s that plans change! I can’t say the decision came easily. Actually, I don’t even think it was a conscious decision at all. I think we, together as a couple, just look around every day and feel happy with where we are. We feel grateful for the two beautiful blessings...

October 29, 2015 Read Blog

How we helped change sleep for the better with Lulla Doll

My kids are not the best at sleeping. They generally constantly want to nurse, or just wake frequently at night. My first born is the best of the bunch – once he’s asleep, he’s out for 12 hours – but getting him to fall asleep and stay asleep in early days was tough. Our second still wakes at least once a night, and, of course, we have a five month old to contend with. In my time as a parent, I’ve tried all sorts of sleep methods...

October 27, 2015 Read Blog

First to have kids

From the moment you get that positive pregnancy test your life completely changes. If you are the first person in your circle to have children then your life changes even more. There is no one in your circle who walked this path before you to show you the ropes. No one to turn to when you aren’t sure if it’s normal for your baby to be attached to your boob for an hour straight. No advice about diaper rash creams and bottle brands. No one...

October 23, 2015 Read Blog

Halloween ‘Twincesses’…Not Our Girls

If there's a rule or expectation that girls should dress up as princesses on Halloween night, well, our girls didn't get that memo... and I'm totally fine with it! Although our girls love all Disney princess movies and the dolls the accompany them, they have no interest in dressing up like one. I know this because, they have a big trunk full of princess dresses and the only items in it that they're interested in trying on are the...

October 20, 2015 Read Blog

Little Red Riding Hood Nursery Print

The magical tale of Little Red Riding Hood is the classic bedtime story that inspired this original illustration wall art print. With a modern and clean look, this print is the perfect addition to any hip and modern nursery or kids room! The artwork is printed on premium archival quality heavy paper that will last a lifetime and has a gorgeous canvas texture. Frame and accessories are from Ikea.

October 1, 2015 Read Blog

Sibling rivalry – how to not stretch yourself too thin

I knew that when I had more than one child, there may be some sibling rivalry. What I didn’t know was that it could be out of control to the point where they need time-outs from each other! My word T drives M insane! Like all little brothers, he wants to be just like his big sis’, however the process that it takes to do so drives M through the roof. He copies every word out of her mouth and every move she makes. It can escalate to the point...

October 1, 2015 Read Blog

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