Halloween ‘Twincesses’…Not Our Girls

If there’s a rule or expectation that girls should dress up as princesses on Halloween night, well, our girls didn’t get that memo… and I’m totally fine with it!

Although our girls love all Disney princess movies and the dolls the accompany them, they have no interest in dressing up like one.

I know this because, they have a big trunk full of princess dresses and the only items in it that they’re interested in trying on are the shoes.

I really shouldn’t be surprised, I was never a girly girl myself, but when it comes to shoes let’s just say that the apples don’t fall far from the tree.

So with Halloween right around the corner, and people knowing that the girls do in fact love princesses, I wasn’t surprised when asked which princesses the twins will be dressing up as on October 31st.

The answer is none.

Our girls decided on costumes far from puffy, glittery dresses.

Yes, you read that correctly. We let our two-and a half year old twins decide what they wanted to dress up as this year. And I don’t just mean giving them a choice in passing conversation over what they’d like to wear…my husband and I braved the costume store, with our twins in tow and let them run around the store until they found the perfect costume that suited each of their personalities.

The past two Halloween’s my husband and I chose their costumes; teddy bears for the first year and kitty cats the second. Strangely enough, we very seldom dress them alike on a day to day basis, but on October 31st, for the past two years, they’ve matched.

This year I wanted it to be their choice. Our girls may be identical, but their personalities are very different. Whether they decided on the same costume or the exact opposite I’d be completely fine with it, but I wanted them to have the choice.

Between the hundreds of costumes hanging up in the store to the low lying decorations the girls were in sensory overload and loving every minute of it.

After about thirty minutes they seemed to keep going back to the animal costumes. More specifically a monkey and a mouse. I took it as a sign, costumes done!

Well, almost.

Although my girls won’t be princessing-it-up this Halloween (again, totally fine by me), I thought it would be a neat addition to the furry, ear-covered headbands and fuzzy tails to purchase some coordinating tutu’s.

Off to one of my favourite stores, Once Upon a Child, to see if any could be found. Within minutes I had a brown tutu (for the monkey costume) and a white one (for the grey mouse costume).

I love Halloween, I always have and I’m pretty excited for what this year will bring. I really have no idea what to expect, all I know is that every holiday that passes is even more fun than the one before.

The girls have been practicing saying “Trick or Treat” and they get excited every time they see a pumpkin.   They’ll be tagging along with their older cousins who will be showing them the ropes on Halloween while mom and dad watch from the street.

My only hangup…the candy. Before this year I’ve always been able to sneak it away without them realizing. This year, I think they might be on to me. They don’t eat a lot of sugar but they’ve recently discovered Smarties, and we all know just how many of those little colourful Smarties boxes will likely land in their trick or treat bags.

Let’s just say that I can already picture bedtime on October 31st…and it’s going to be a late night.

Happy Halloween!


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