Gift Guide for Baby

Holiday shopping is never easy but shopping for a gift for a baby can cause even more stress. What exactly is a good gift for a baby? I’ve put together a list of some great gift ideas for the little ones in your life.


IMG_0200 Oh Baby Go Baby – BoardbookIt is never too early to start reading to your kids. I love me some Dr. Seuss; it’s part of our regular storytime rotation. This boardbook is a condensed, colourful version of Oh The Places You’ll Go with lots of fun stuff to pull and spin for little ones. The great thing is that it carries the same great message as the longer version.


IMG_0201 Ziggy Marley Family timeBabies and music go so well together. We used to have different styles of music for different times of the day. This album was by far one of our favourites. The beats are so catchy and the lyrics carry some great themes. Our favourite songs have to be I Love You Too and Hold Em Joe. We had many a dance party with this playing in the background.


 IMG_0196 Personalized Growth Charts (Shutterfly)I’m a bit of a sucker for memories. I keep everything. First outfit, first haircut, I have even kept their first soothers. I’ve started marking the kid’s growth on the inside of their closet. They love seeing how much taller they are each and every year. Personalized growth charts are a great alternative to the markings on a closet door. Put it up on the wall in the nursery and it can grow as your baby grows to toddler then preschooler then big kid. It’s a beautiful keepsake.


IMG_0202-1 Mabels Labels

You don’t have to be in school to make use of Mabel’s Labels. If you head out to regular playgroups, the library or even the park, labelling your babies things just gives you peace of mind that their most coveted sippy won’t get lost. I learned the hard way after losing one too many stuffies that putting a label on it can help prevent another parent from tossing it in their stroller thinking it’s theirs. Mabel’s Labels are durable and stay put even in the washing machine or dishwasher. Nothing important leaves home without one.


 IMG_0194 Finger Puppets (Indigo)
When my kids were babies I used to get overwhelmed by all the loud, flashing toys that required new batteries every few days. These finger puppets are great for quiet time play. Babies will love trying to grab them while you wiggle your fingers around.


 IMG_0193 Cloud B Twilight LadybugThis ladybug emits a beautiful star filled night sky on the ceiling and walls. We happened upon it by accident and my little baby loved laying on the bed beside me staring at the stars above and as she grew it helped give her comfort when the lights went out at bed time. It’s a great gift for babies that can grow with them.


Buying for babies can be a bit of a struggle. Hopefully this list can help you tick of the tiniest loved ones on your Christmas shopping list.

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