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I started Oh Baby! Magazine with my husband during my first pregnancy. My love of writing and my obsession with magazines paired with my husband’s many skills have proven to be a great combination. I'm from Toronto - born and raised - and I've been married for eight years. Since the inception of Oh Baby! I've had two babies, Andreas and Alexandra . What a ride it's been! I’d like to share with you my struggles with trying to find this so-called – and I think unachievable - “balance” I keep reading about… Follow Sandy E on Twitter

I can’t take my kids where?!

Don’t tell me that I can’t take my kids to a restaurant. But please keep this in mind: I don’t really want to take my kids to a restaurant. I love restaurants. I love being able to choose my meal from a menu and having a nice glass of wine, cocktail or just cold, fizzy water. Eating at a restaurant is a big treat for me. I enjoy it. Personally I don’t give a flying fark if I’m at a restaurant and there is a child there when he...

August 11, 2011 Read Blog

Have you taken your newborn to the park yet?

When you’re a new mom it’s easy to get cabin fever and spend time wondering what to do that doesn’t involve a mop or washing machine to fill your days. Your local park is not just for toddlers and kids. You and your newborn can and should enjoy countless afternoons at the park. Here are some tips to make your outing an enjoyable one: - You’ll need a fully stocked diaper bag you may have to change your baby’s diaper while...

August 10, 2011 Read Blog

Tales from the toilet roll

Why is it that children are born with their brains already wired to learn so much, yet they really know nothing about the bathroom?  I don’t know about other people but in my house of plenty the bathroom has become a regular playroom of sorts, a place to hide away and build secret forts, the bedroom for various Barbies, little people and stuffed animals.  A lab for water experiments, and other explosive experiments I won’t discuss. ...

August 9, 2011 Read Blog

Summer activities for the little ones

So I’ve been trying to find some fun stuff for us to do as a family and not break the bank on top of it. We did take “M” to Canada’s Wonderland. She was sooo short that she could almost physically walk under the measuring chart, never mind being tall enough for any of the rides without parental supervision. She had a blast… went on some rides, played a few games (and won a few prizes. Go figure only my kid would actually be competitive...

August 8, 2011 Read Blog

Prince Lionheart Love Bug

This cute little ladybug keeps the mosquitoes away by emitting the barely audible sound of a dragtonfly’s wing-beat a.k.a. the mortal enemy of our pesky, stingy friends. It’s the perfect solution to summer nights at home or away, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors chemical free! Bye-bye sprays and DEET. More details on the Love Bug: Contains a strong clip which makes it easy to attach the bug to strollers,  curtains, the...

August 4, 2011 Read Blog

Mom and Baby Boot Camp

The best way to break up the monotony of a workout is to include your baby! With the recent British release of physical activity guidelines for children under five, we are looking at ways to give our babies and ourselves a little more active time.  Here are a few suggestions that will help your child reach important developmental milestones while you tone and tighten. Push up Peek a Boo Place your baby on the floor on his or her tummy,...

August 4, 2011 Read Blog

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