Prince Lionheart Love Bug

ladybug 2

This cute little ladybug keeps the mosquitoes away by emitting the barely audible sound of a dragtonfly’s wing-beat a.k.a. the mortal enemy of our pesky, stingy friends.

It’s the perfect solution to summer nights at home or away, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors chemical free! Bye-bye sprays and DEET.

More details on the Love Bug:

  • Contains a strong clip which makes it easy to attach the bug to strollers,  curtains, the edge of a table, playpen, crib or even a tent.
  • The Love Bug has an effective range of 20-30 feet (6-9 metres) so try to position it as close enough to your baby while still keeping it out of reach.

Recommended for women pre-conception, during pregnancy and when your baby is less than 6 months old as harsh chemicals such as DEET are best avoided on yours and babies skin.

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