Summer activities for the little ones

So I’ve been trying to find some fun stuff for us to do as a family and not break the bank on top of it. We did take “M” to Canada’s Wonderland. She was sooo short that she could almost physically walk under the measuring chart, never mind being tall enough for any of the rides without parental supervision. She had a blast… went on some rides, played a few games (and won a few prizes. Go figure only my kid would actually be competitive enough to play and WIN lol). She even missed her nap and it really didn’t bug her at all. Actually, come to think of it she doesn’t nap at all on weekends anymore. Guess she’s “too busy” doing other things! I’m glad she had a good time but really it was a small fortune for the entire day.

Now we’re trying to find other activities to take “M” to that will keep her attention while not being overly expensive. There is a ton of things to do… she loves animals, a petting zoo is always an option, even centre island to walk around for a bit… I think they have a petting zoo there Lol. I haven’t been in years!!!

I am really trying to get creative but it’s hard. Weekends go by sooo fast and we’re pretty much booked up until mid-October. Isn’t that disgusting? Weddings, b-days and BBQ’s arrgh! Before we use to complain we had nothing to do, now that we do it’s a pain! LOL

I’m hoping that I get a stroke of genius before we end up spending her RESP $ to go on these day trips! Everything is ridiculously expensive even site seeing in your own town… you don’t stand a chance of trying to do that within a budget!

  • Sandy

    Spending the day at High Park is good fun and it’s free! :)

    • BBL

      oooo…. goood idea!

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