Sleep, glorious sleep!

It’s amazing what two consecutive nights of uninterrupted sleep can do.

I have been through years of sleep deprivation. After two nights of blissful, uninterrupted slumber, I feel totally discombobulated. I am walking around in a haze. I can’t believe that for two consecutive nights my kids have each slept in their own beds without crying and jumping into my bed!

Since I’ve been a mom I’ve had major sleep issues and every time we have any kind of sleep success, fellow moms always say, “shhhhhhh don’t jinx it!”

I don’t care. Jinx, shminx… I’m screaming it from the rooftops! My kids slept!!! Both of them!!! At the same time!!!

My king size bed was void of children! It feels fantastic.

I wonder if this is it… do you think they are done with waking up at night? Here’s to hoping!

  • Cathycraven

    I completely agree.  My son has been sleeping much better.  He is almost a year and there are nights he will sleep from 10:30pm to 5 or 6am.  The next day I am even more tired because I was able to sleep a full 7 hours :-).

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