Baby&Me™ Nursing/Maternity Bras – Trusted for fit and comfort

Courtesy of: Baby&Me™ by Warner's nursing bras

The new baby&me™ collection consists of underwire-free nursing bras made of soft breathable fabric that helps make the nursing experience comfortable and worry-free.

Available in Comfort, Lace, and Sleep styles with sizes ranging from B cups to DD cups. Now, choosing the right styles for the nursing mother has never been easier.

Breastfeeding is an emotional and nutritional experience for both the mother and baby. baby&me™ encourages such and assures the mother of all the benefits breastfeeding can bring.


What exactly is a nursing bra?
There are many styles of nursing bras, each with its own unique features. They usually have one or more of the following qualities, however: fold-back cups; snaps, located at the gore, that open horizontally to expose the breast; one-hand release clasps, usually located along the front bra straps, so the cup can fold down to expose the breast; crisscross wrap design, whereby the cups are folded over each other over the chest (so cups can easily be pulled away to expose the breasts for feeding); and inner framing that surrounds each breast for additional support.

Why should I buy a nursing bra?
Nursing bras are more structured than regular bras and are usually lined with cotton for increased comfort—specifically for sensitive breast tissue. Nursing bras also have soft cups that can be easily moved aside or opened for easier access to the breast during nursing. (The benefit is that the bra does not have to be removed for such feedings.)

Most nursing bras have wider, adjustable straps and stretch cups that allow for small fluctuations in breast size—which is likely to occur throughout the nursing period. This allows sufficient room for nursing pads. Similarly, most nursing bras have additional hook-and-eye sets at the back to allow for adjustments in band size.

When should I buy a nursing a bra?
During pregnancy, breast tissue can become increasingly sensitive to the fabrics used in traditional bras. Breast size, and even band width, will continually change throughout the pregnancy. When the regular bra becomes too tight (i.e., uncomfortable), then, it may be wise to purchase a nursing bra (this usually occurs towards the end of pregnancy; after the eighth month). In most cases, the breast size at the end of pregnancy will remain the same after childbirth.





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