P is for Potty … it’s not good enough for me!

Potty training is pure torture. I must have done something extremely bad in my last life to be tortured the way I am right now. The first time she went on the potty was in October… total fluke, but she did it anyway. Now she’s showing more interest, tells me when she has to go or just has gone, squats when she’s going, can take her pants off and enjoys the rewards associated with a “success” lol.

Well, I’m beginning to think that maybe it’s me who’s not ready for her to be potty trained. She’s so little still, and really, she’s growing up too fast! I really do have to bear down and really go full force on the training: dancing, prizes and potties here we come! We have some vacay coming up so it’ll be 2 straight weeks of, “Do you have to pee?” coming our way.

I’m totally open to any tips, tricks or success anyone has had. I’m feeling extremely overwhelmed… like what happens in public? Do I bring a potty everywhere I go? Pull-ups vs. Underwear. Age vs. Readiness. Help!!! It may confuse me more. I’ve already have heard all my friend’s stories and all are different. Guess its trial and error… literally.

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    My daughter was 2.5 when I went full force with the training. I also found out I was pregnant with my son! I wasn’t about to change two sets of diapers.

    Sarah had been showing signs for at least 2 months prior, so I put her in underwear and told her no more diapers. She had a few pee accidents and one poop accident. With #2, I brought her up to the bathroom, put the poop in the toilet and told her that’s where it goes now. I also told her that her favourite Dora underwear was going in the garbage.

    She never pooped in her underwear again.

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