Moms are Amazing

Moms are amazing.  We are a universal club in unconditional love that spans centuries.  There is one thing I find strange with some moms and I have experienced this myself with my own group of friends.    There is this thing I guess you could call it a stigma that some moms have to deal with.  It’s as though if you did not give birth naturally you are not the same kind of mom as those who have.  I wish it wasn’t  this way but there is a form of discrimination.  They may not realize they are doing it but it is there nonetheless.

I have four children.  My first two were born the good old way and the second two were by c-section.  My first two I was in awe of what my body could do and so I expected the same thing for my third delivery.  He was delivered safe and sound.   A big ten and a half pounds by caesarian.  I was okay with it all until talking with some other moms who made me feel as though I had the easy way out.  Just for the record having major surgery to remove a child is in my opinion not the easy way.

I felt judged by other moms that because I had a c-section my experience was not as special or meaningful.  True it was a different path to becoming a mom but there I was with this third child, my only boy, feeling the same amount of love and awe as when my daughters were born.

The truth is there is no easy path to become a mom.  I wish all women would say this with me and know it to be true.  Becoming a mom was a mixture of emotions that still plague me today.  I know the mom who adopted a child feels the same way I do about my own.  Or the mom who had a child via surrogacy feels the same way I do.  Natural birth versus caesarian, I know for a fact from experience I love all my own children the same way.  Making women feel anything less is a form of bullying and it has to end.

It doesn’t matter how we became moms the fact is that we are moms and all our children however they were brought into our lives will change it.

If you’re a mom experiencing this please don’t think you are less than what you are.  And that is an amazing woman part of an amazing club that brings with it ups and downs that leave us marked.  And  we are never, ever the same.

  • The Scent Peddler

    Patty…this post couldn’t have rang more true for me if you tried. I AM a mom regardless of how my children happened to arrive in my life. After so many years of battling infertility (sadly without success), we became foster parents. It has been, hands down, the best decision we have ever made in our lives. While we provide a stable home (she say’s with a wink) for kids in need, they fill a huge need for us to have the laughter of children among us.

    So to those that think c-section is the easy way out I say, “Loving your own children is easy, but when you have the ability to love someone elses children- how much more of a mother can you be?”

    • Pampered Patty


      I love your reply and I am sorry you went through some hard times but you came out the other side a mom. How brilliant is that? We all have our different paths and I am sure your love for your children is no different than mine.


  • Kat

    Very true, Patty! And from someone that has had minor surgery, major surgery is sooo not the easy way out! Moms are amazing and the unconditional love of a Mom is just that-unconditional.

  • Pampered Patty

    Thanks Kat!

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