Wordless Wednesday: England Edition Part 2

The Icecreamists – Covent Garden, London, England

Ice cream made from breast milk…

The question is … would you try it?

For Wordless Wednesday: England Edition Part 1 click here.

  • Maria @BOREDmommy

    HELL to the no.

    • Anonymous

      Maria, tell us how you really feel… ;)

  • Lindsey

    Was that authentic!? Did you ask? How crazy. And um NO!!

    • Anonymous

      YES! It said, “Limited Edition while stocks last.”

  • Lenni75

    The only breastmilk I’ve had is my mothers and I’d like to keep it that way :)

  • Nick Eliades

    It was finger licking tasty. I was totally buzzed for the whole day. What’s in that stuff?

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