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I’ve been given the opportunity by Oh Baby! to review some AccuDial products. Ever try to figure out how much medication you should be giving your little one? I know I’m still confused when reading some of the bottles because some are dosed by weight and some by age. I find myself always giving “M” less than the recommended “age” dose because she’s sooo small. But really.. I’m just eyeballing it…. I know a lot of people do this too! So don’t look at me weird, because I actually said it.

AccuDial has a line of over the counter meds for our little ones, that contain a well designed and thought out way to make sure you are giving them the proper dosage. What they have come up with (you’re going to love this) is a label that turns to give you the proper dosage for age/weight. The outer label of the bottle turns, while the inner one stays put to allow you to match up the proper information. It’s AWESOME! Works amazingly well… and the doses are listed in milliliters. Each bottle comes with it’s own measuring spoon too!

Having trouble understanding what I mean? Check out this DEMO (did you check it out?…if not… I can wait…while you go… don’t worry…lol)

They have an extensive product line…. they sent me:

  • Cough & Cold (ages 6-12)
  • Cold & Stuffy Nose (ages 6-12)
  • Nite Time Cold & Cough (ages 6-12)
  • Runny Nose & Cough (ages 6-12)
  • Allergy (ages 2-12)
  • Pain & Fever (ages 2+)

I didn’t try out the actual formulations of the medications because the majority of the ones I received were for ages 6-12 and “M” is really almost 2… so I gave the non-applicable ones to a friend that has 2 boys within the age range. One of them actually had a cold too… so perfect timing… the Nite Time Cold & Cough worked wonders for him (plus I think the grape flavor of this one helped…he didn’t even fight to take it!). I explained the product to the boys’ Mom… and let her try them out… she gave me a shout back and said that the labels were awesome! Easy to read.. clear and concise (I agreed!)…. it’s pretty hard to make a dosing error with these!

I have to admit… I did try each of them on myself… just by sticking a drop on my finger… the tastes are very kid friendly.. fruit punch..grape…cherry and orange (my least fave..but still ok)….so really… I can see why they wouldn’t fight taking it.

Overall awesome product… that answers the dosing issues that all parents face. It gives you more confidence in giving medication to your children while keeping them safe!

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