The Tooth Fairy is a Cash Grab

Well, it’s official. M lost her first and second teeth at the beginning of September, actually a week between each of them. It’s funny to re-live all the feelings of excitement through your children, I love every second of it! It all started when M’s tooth became loose and she decided to “advise” me that the Tooth Fairy brings money if you put your tooth under your pillow. She also corrected me when I said, “Yes, she leaves a coin” to tell me that “She brings paper money”. After I picked my jaw off the floor I prepared for the worst and made sure that I had a few $5’s in my wallet.

She was so excited to tell my parents the next day (where she scored some more money, by the way) and went on by explaining that the Tooth Fairy left her a note and a $5 bill. When I got home from work that day M ran to the door as excited as if it was Christmas morning and handed me a bag of envelopes. When I asked her what they were she told me to “guess”. After a few off the wall attempts at trying to figure it out she went on the tell me the REAL story of the Tooth Fairy. When I looked at her puzzled she told me that when your first child loses their first tooth, the Tooth Fairy brings back all YOUR teeth to your parents house so you could have them back. Yes people…. I am now the owner, or should I say re-owner of a bag full of 30+ year old teeth. I’m not exactly sure if I should be touched or completely grossed out, but I guess I should just be happy that the Tooth Fairy didn’t send a bill back plus interest for hanging on to them for me for so long! I guess another tradition had officially been started in this household!

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