Raising a genius

I’ve always have received compliments on how well behaved my kids are, but now, apparently, M is topping the charts on the smart scale too. We had our first parent-teacher interview this past week and my tiny little JK is doing work at an SK level and is reading at a grade one level. I don’t care what anyone says, this deserves a pat on the back! Yes, I mean my own! We constantly read and do activities with her, allowing her to open her mind to learning and be able to retain the information we put before her.

The other day she was writing something on the window and we couldn’t figure out for the life of us what it was. That was, until she said “Go outside and look”. So we went outside and were literally shocked to what we saw. She fully wrote her brother’s name to be legible from the other side of the door. What does that me? It means not only did she spell it correctly from right to left backwards…but actually wrote each of the letters backwards correctly too. It was one of those weird moments that you had to do a double take for. She’s four years old! I then asked her if she could spell her name backwards and she riffled it off like it was nothing. Not sure who she takes after for this talent well, let’s be real, hubby isn’t the best speller, and I can read and write upside down and backwards, but this was just crazy.

I was so proud of her after hearing all the nice things her teachers said and thought about her. I wasn’t surprised to hear that they thought she was a social butterfly and super smart, but did find it funny that she HAD to tell me how nervous she was about her interview. As I thought to myself and wondered why she would even think of being nervous, I realized that it’s more of an “I don’t like the attention” type of thing rather than her actually thinking she would get in trouble. That’s her… shy yet humble. Unlike her Mama which is tooting her horn for her!

From a young age she was always advanced in her learning. When I asked her at two years old what colour and shape an object was, she didn’t answer with a “pink, circle” she answered with a “magenta octagon”. She also read small board books at 18 months, once that started we knew we were in for a fun ride. Teaching your children doesn’t stop at school, technically it never stops. I’m proud to be THAT parent that takes extra time for their kids, and tries to instill good values in my children. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the school year brings!

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