P is for Potty!

Wow… did I have a rude awakening when we potty trained T. Yes, I can’t believe it, we are officially DIAPER FREE PEOPLE!! He took longer to train, but really we never forced the issue at all. No crash courses or pressure. He was in pull-ups for about five months (and doing #2 on the potty) but we had to wait for him to get the whole “I need to pee” business. Let me tell you though, once he “got it” that was it, full force no diapers even overnight. Persistence, with some helpful tools and tricks alongside bribery…equals one happy Mommy and not a single accident!!!

I did notice that girls tend to train faster and in many ways much easier too. I remember M just wanting to copy me, so I had a little sidekick every time I went to the washroom. T…no way! When he’s gotta go, he’s gotta go! He lets the whole world know and he’s like a freight train so move out of his way!

The only thing that is super annoying is that even if he’s sitting down he’s still able to pee on the floor if he doesn’t point his “Peep”, as we call it in our house, down and aim it. I still have yet to determine how this is actually possible. This was definitely my learning curve. We also haven’t attempted the whole “standing up” thing too. Not sure if I’m ready for that just yet!

I realize that every child is different and take potty training at their own pace, but man, M was trained at 18 months, no overnight ones by two and T done and done at 2 ½. I’m still in shock! I also still have a box of diapers on standby just in case I wake up and realize it was all a dream! My prayers have been answered. See ya later pull-ups!

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