A new Mom’s MUST haves!

Going back to work at the end of last month was crazy! Can’t believe where the time went! When I went back, it seemed like every other women I knew was pregnant! It got me to thinking… what were my MUST have main products?

So, here you go!

· Convertible Crib and Dresser – get the lower wider one and use it as a change table too.
· Change pillow – Don’t forget a few covers, I survived two kids with only having two.
· Bedding – skip the bumper pads, they are a SIDS hazard.
· Mattress – spend the money and get a good quality mattress, you’ll thank me when your little one sleeps through the night and wakes up with a smile.
· Mobile – I like the one we used for T, it’s an all-in-one that grows with your little one.
· White noise machine – this was a life saver. Both kids can now pass out anywhere and noise isn’t a factor.
· Wearable blankets and swaddles – they are safe, easy to wash….get a few in each size.
· Bottles/Sippy cups/cutlery etc – these are more of a trial and error type of thing to determine what your little one likes, find one and stick with it.
· Monitor – I liked the one that came with the pad to monitor movement etc.  gave me peace of mind and had a ton of options so I knew exactly what was going on in the nursery.
· Multi-functional portable booster seat – huge space saver and you can take it anywhere.
· Baby carrier – don’t cheap out on this if you want to be a baby wearer. Do your homework and get something that is ergonomically correct and multi-position. Your back with thank you (especially if your little one has a little extra pudge).
· Diaper Bag – get your funk on, and pick something that suits you, not the babe. You’ll have to carry it! Plus, be considerate…I’m sure your SO won’t want to carry a huge pink duffle!
· Stroller – get one that is comfortable for you as much as your LO. Find your priorities and price range, then, pick a winner.
· Convertible Car seat – best thing ever. Spend a bit more in the beginning, but most have a 10 year shelf life, so you’ll only have to buy this once!
· Play yard – I like the ones with a change table attachment, great for naps if you’re away from home, and an awesome place to keep them corralled just in case you need to get something done.
· Convertible playmat – pick one for them to grow with, then you save money and don’t end up having 10 of them.
· Play items – both my kids liked their excersaucer, it’s a good investment, but make sure you have the room for one….it’s HUGE. Any smaller toys (you’ll end up with a ton) make sure they stimulate your little one and don’t pose any choking hazards. Read the labels people…. If it says 18m+ don’t give it to a four month old. Common sense in this area is your best friend.
· Nursing Moms – A good pump, a cover if your shy and a comfortable nursing pillow.

Things to skip:

· Change table – not worth the money or the space it takes up in my opinion.
· Receiving blankets – unless you use them as burp pads – neither one of my kids were one for spitting up..so I had no issues here.
· Regular high chair – I used a 4-in-1 that grew with the kids, if you can skip a standard high chair all together, you’ll save space and money.
· Steam sterilizer – takes up a ton of room and really… get a good dishwasher basket and it does the job.
· Bottle warmer – had one…used it twice, a cup of hot water works just as well if not better.
· Baby Swing – get a good rocker they can grow with and you’re set. These are huge and they grow out of the weight limit quickly.

Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. What were some of your “must haves” or “why did I buy that” products?

  • W Shifflette

    Your baby must haves list is awesome. I am a swing LOVER and probably would not have had any time at all if it weren’t for the swing.

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