Families Can Have More Fun

There’s nothing better than smiling and laughing with the family, but it’s sometimes easier said than done. With seven kids of my own, I know it can be difficult to ensure everyone has fun everyday, so I’ve created a list of tips that’ll ensure families can have more fun together!

Laugh and Sing: Families can have more fun together by laughing and singing.  When it starts to get out of hand in the kitchen or the car, I often start making up words to tunes the kids are familiar with, all of sudden they start laughing and we get a change of pace. They find it very funny when I sing the wrong words to popular songs. Any time you can do something goofy to make your family laugh or smile – I say go for it! Don’t take yourself too seriously, and take advantage of every opportunity to smile.

Play More: We have more fun together as a family when my wife and I actively participate in playtime with the kids. We get down on the floor, ride bikes together, climb up the slide and go back down, etc.  If you want to have more fun as a family, participate and become part of the show, not just a parent watching on the sidelines. Your kids will love to see that you’re not afraid to get dirty or act silly, and you’ll all have lots of fun playing together.

Be Prepared: Families can have more fun by being prepared for anything and everything. Pack your diaper bag (or Daddy Diaper Pack) with essentials and extras – just in case. Determine how many diapers you’ll need for a specific number of hours then add two more.  Download the movie on the iPad that you can turn on when your child is approaching meltdown mode. Being prepared will allow families to have more fun together because there will be less to complain about (ie: nobody will be chilly if you stay out after the sun goes down because you packed jackets in advance) and parents will have less to worry about.

Go with the Flow: Don’t get stressed when plans change – go with the flow and stay flexible. The journey through parenthood can be bumpy, and parents have to learn to accept sudden changes and make the most of them. If you get stressed about a change in plans, chances are your children will follow suit. If you remain calm and are determined to have fun with your family, however, they’ll likely act in the same manner.

I know it’s not always easy to be a parent, so take it day-by-day, remain calm, smile more and play a lot – you can do it!

Happy parenting!


Daddy Nickell

Robert Nickell, aka Daddy Nickell, father of 7, offers his “5 cents” worth of advice to expectant and new parents.  Daddy Nickell is the founder of Daddy & Co., delivery room duds and daddy gifts and apparel, and the Daddy & Co. blog where he covers topics about parenting all from a Dad’s perspective.

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