Daycare…the other mortgage

When I went back to work after having M I had her at a home daycare (who happened to be a friend of mine), then switched her to a preschool as she started to comprehend more. I wanted to make sure she was being taken care of but also being taught at the same time. New parents have a rude awakening once they realize the costs associated with child care and almost all of them contemplate the worth of even going back to their old jobs. It’s expensive!

Well people, if you thought having one in daycare was rough? Just wait two or more is almost unthinkable. I have friends that are also going back to work and are on the search for daycare and before/after school care for older siblings. Most are determining whether they are going to make the change and become a SAHM. Me, let’s be real, I’m not made to be a stay at home mom and really, I have champagne taste, so me staying home is not for me. I’m lucky, I have family who are retired that have come together for us and are willing to take the two monsters on. That in conjunction with a Hubby who works an earlier shift and me who can start/leave a bit early, I think we’ll be able to all make it home at a decent time to start dinner.

Want the low down on pricing? Toddlers can range from $150-$300 per week for home and centre options. Before and after school programs can range from $25-$40 per day for the older siblings that are in full day school. What does that mean per week?? Minimum for the two kiddies is about $275 per week. Yes, you read correctly, multiply that by four weeks and you’re at $1100. Plus that’s the lower end of the scale! Upper end can run up to $2000 which is more than most people’s mortgages!

So, when family asks you if you would like help TAKE IT! Even if it’s part time, you can save up to $800 a month in fees. I’m so thankful that we have someone that is able to help us out, that we trust and that my kids love. Plus, when I decide to do something nice for them, like buy their groceries for the month, weekly gas or even grabbing some gift cards so they can enjoy dinner out once a week, it makes me feel like they know they’re appreciated. At that point it allows me to make their lives a bit easier because they are doing so much for us. Just be prepared to budget in childcare for your little ones, do your homework and find a place that works for your family.

  • SC

    It’s $1000 a month for us and you have to pay whether your child is sick or not. So far this year, T has missed at least a month, reason being he’s gotten sick from being there. If you have family that helps you are truly blessed.

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    …and that’s for 1.

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