What’s in my diaper bag?

Some of you may know already… but on my site I’ve been doing a ton of product testing lately to see what’s unique, cool and totally hot! I enjoy and will continue my reviews about some of the cool products I’ve come into contact with…and share with you…my truthful..and sometimes blunt opinions. Take them as you will…these are solely my opinions and I haven’t been paid to do any of the reviews. (Which means…it won’t sway my “view” on them…not like it would anyways…it’s about the products…if they don’t work…paying me won’t change my mind!!! LOL).

I figured I would segment my reviews to a few faves….starting with WHAT’S IN MY DIAPER BAG?

Here are some of the pretty cool stuff I’ve come into contact with so far… actually use all the time and a one-liner of what I think about them (full reviews are available on my site ww.thebabybottomline.com):

* Boogie Wipes – A new staple in my diaper bag to get rid of those boogies! – Not gonna lie… I totally use them too… and they smell awesome!

* Texthook – My BlackBerry obsession has gone off-road’n ….perfect for the stroller…it even rotates!

* Amy Michelle Go Totes – My new must have diaper bag! It’s hot, practical, and doesn’t ?“look” like a diaper bag!

* GONE Insect Bands – The whole family is officially mosquito bite free!!!

* HealthPod Baby – The hottest thing in documenting everything from prenatal to the first 20 years of your child’s lives. A must have for the new Mom!

* Piggy Paint – All the piggies in the house look GORGEOUS and it won’t harm her at all! Use codeOHBABY15L at check-out to get 15% off your purchase! Expires December 31, 2010.

* Dapple – cleaning products that are safe for your little ones…they smell awesome! LOVE the toy cleaning wipes!

* Baby Kneez – Knee pads for the little ones learning to crawl and the bigger ones that like to run around! Comfy and they wash great.

* Baby Dipper – Ms new FAVE bowl! LOVE the shape and the utensils too! Awesome!!!

* Learn N’ Turn Utensil – AWESOME! Totally helped “M” learn to use a fork…now she can use any type of utensil (Still messy…but at least some of it gets in her mouth!)

* SnackTAXI – Great option for carrying snacks instead of using zip-locks! Another way to help the environment and they’re cute too!!

* Pediped – Cute shoes that are comfy and perfect for kids learning to walk….they’re like walking in bare feet and can be worn both indoors and out!

Of course besides all the above products I’ve tested…..there are actual diapers in my diaper bag too! Plus…can’t forget the extra soother (which is soon going to be “donated” to the soother fairy…LOL) and a pair of PJ’s! (I tried a Kushies’ Unionsuit….and it was awesome!… have to go get a few more).

I hope you like reading some honest reviews about some of the products that are out there! If you have anything you’d like to see reviewed or have a product you’d like me to test let me know :)

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