Booty Camp Woot!

Second week is done. I have to be honest – I was not looking forward to this. It’s been so HOT. I’m dying over here. I wish that simply sitting and sweating would help me drop the pounds. But if you know me, you know that this weight is quite comfortable on my little bones. Anyway, I’ve always been this way about working out: I hate getting there but once I’m there I have fun, and afterwards I feel good. I’m tired and sore, but good.

I’ve never enjoyed weight training. Organized classes with instructors is what I enjoy… add in some great music, and I’m in love. This is why I love to spin. Back to Booty Camp:

I am really enjoying exercising outside. I love looking up at the trees and a blue sky while stretching… that’s not until the end of class. Maybe another reason why I love it so much. I’m happy that I joined. I actually feel better, I feel thinner (even though it’s probably wishful thinking) and I feel stronger, if you can believe that.

I want to introduce you to my very good friend Nicole we’ve been friends since grade nine. Nicole is one of those people who, bless her heart, is naturally thin, and tall. Yup. Uh-huh. You know where this is going. She is my Booty Camp partner. Don’t get me wrong I have a few overweight friends (love them – size does not matter – not in this case ;)) and not one of these bitches wanted to join with me. Nicole on the other hand, barely took a minute to think about it. She was in from the start…

Hmmmm… Maybe she wants me to be thin like her… maybe she’s sick of having a fat 5’3” friend so she thought she would push me to exercise and join the team. You know the team… the healthy, thin women team. Nah. She’s just nice, wants to be healthy, and is always pretty much up for everything. Sorry to doubt your intentions Nicole. *Kiss*

So Nicole is my partner. All through the class she mutters under her breath:

“Are you F%*king serious?”

“I’m not doing that” (she always does it anyway)

“Is this woman on crack?”

“I’m going to drown you” (this is always directed at me – for making her join. I wanted to make it public in case there is a drowning this summer)

Here’s another example, but I’m not saying Nicole said this, I’m just saying (on Twitter):

She makes it fun for me. Yesterday while running up a torturous hill we almost fell down laughing because she told me that her neighbour asked her if she is anorexic. HA! Know this: She is not the you-look-sick kind of skinny, she is naturally thin and always has been.

My friend Nicole… she just had a burger & fries.

Take it from me, this girl can eat. She loves food, especially french fries, chips and chocolate. She’s just lucky enough to have fantastic genes – which in turn make her look great in jeans. That is all. It’s actually pretty funny that someone asked my Booty Camp partner if she is anorexic… so funny I want to cry.

We basically sweat like pigs (do pigs really sweat?) and we laugh like hyenas (do they laugh really?). We have fun. That’s why I’m happy to work out with her anytime. She drags her ass there like me (except she’s always on time), she’s always fun, we share the same sense of humour, filthy language, and even though she’s skinny, we also share the same fitness level.

Love you Nicole!!!

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