Who’s vomiting now?

My first day of Booty Camp.

It’s really hot out. So hot that the city of Toronto has issued an extreme weather alert.

I’m hopeful that my class is cancelled. Already making alternate dinner plans thinking that this class is cancelled…I mean what kind of crazy people would make me work out in this blistering heat? The Booty Camp people that’s who… My instructor Jess. That’s who.

It is really freaking hot. Too hot to exercise outside. Sure they gave us some suggestions on managing the heat:

Wear a hat

Drink extra water

Wear lightweight (dry fit) clothing

And I’m sure there were other suggestions. Honestly right now I can’t remember. My body hurts too much.

Let me tell you how it went… squats, lunges, walking lunges, planks, push ups, crunches, and running up and down a hill. That’s it in a nutshell. It was hell. And I loved every minute of it. Even when I thought I was going to puke.

I loved it because Jess was really nice and super cheerful, which is not at all what I expected from somebody called a “Booty Camp Instructor.” I expected her to be mean, to shout at me and to even have some kind of disciplining tool (whip, switch, stick, you know), but she didn’t. She was really sweet, very motivating and all around awesome.

I want to be honest in telling you that the first class that I did I really wanted to vomit. About 15 minutes in I thought I was going to puke, and miraculously I didn’t. The pukey feeling stayed with me until well after the class was over.

Before camp, I left a pot of chili on the stove (supervised – OBVIOUSLY) and when I came home I sat down to eat with my 2yo. I added sour cream to my chili – just a little and Alexandra wanted to try it. So she added a spoonful of it to her plate, she then put the spoonful in her mouth and instantly gagged. She then started to vomit. I take it she doesn’t like sour cream. It was actually very funny in a not funny kind of way – because she vomited, I cleaned it up, she had a sip of water and then continued to eat.

My point here is that on my first day of Booty Camp somebody did vomit – I’m just happy that it wasn’t me.

So I survived one week of Booty Camp. And I’m looking forward to more. Because my second class this week – even though I couldn’t walk much, was easier than the first and I have really high hopes for the outcome!

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