Vaccinations … yes or no?

So “M” got her 18 month shots last week and let me tell you what a DISASTER! OMG! Went to the doctor, got the shots, a fever came right after and got up to like 103… it was SCARY! So I literally had her in a diaper for the entire day. Did the regular routine of Tempra, Freezies, keeping hydrated and well rested. Fever broke and she looked and felt (I assume) great the next morning. Her fever spiked again to about 100 in the afternoon, but nothing some Tempra and a few Freezies couldn’t fix lol.

I tried making my own popsicles. Man that was a whole ‘nother disaster. I don’t know why they never turn out good. Maybe I don’t wait long enough, put the wrong stuff in it, ah I don’t know! If someone has a suggestion on which brand to buy for one of those Popsicle machines can you please let me know? Anyway…sorry I went off track there for a bit LOL.

So now that you’re picturing my weekend from hell add in that on Tuesday she breaks out in some funky rash thing and it pretty much stuck around all week but was noticeably better within a few days. What a wonderful week eh? Man…I’m exhausted.

Which brings me to my question for you guys…who believes/doesn’t believe in vaccinations and why or why not? “M” being a preemie I’ve always taken the advice of her Ped’ and family doctor but I’m hearing more and more that a lot of people are opting out of certain vaccines etc. I thought it was just something you’re supposed to do but what do I know? I’m a first time Mom I kinda just do what I’m told you know what I mean?

I’d love to hear some feedback… I’m really interested to see what you all have done….

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